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Fashion Month showcased a brave new world of digital enterprises, from Insta releases to live-streamed shoes, artful videos, titans of the industry in conversation on YouTube, and socially distanced in-person runways. It was designers adapting to the moment, and that idea translated directly to the collections. Are you ready for post-quarantined belted looks? Want to stand out in statement coats? Keep things cool in oversized denim? Swap sweatpants for chinos? Ease into 2021 in something pretty and pastel? The old rules no longer apply. See what you’ll be wearing for the revolution.

Give the Bold Shoulder

What started as a nod to the ‘80s has taken on a life of its own, with the recent crop of standout shoulders becoming less about a throwback and more about coming into their own. With not-so-subtle peaks, a mutton sleeve, a cape, not-so-simple tees, and an origami moment, these big shoulders aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Good Trench

Distilling down to the basics is one approach to our current fashion conundrum, which comes down to a simple question: what do we want to wear right now? From dramatic lapels to interesting slits, drop waists, and bold sleeves, it seems that you can have your trench and your statement piece all at once.

Petal to the Metal

How does your garden grow? The bolder, the brighter, and the more impactful seem to be the only way forward. Designers certainly aren’t here for wilting daisies; instead, they’re bringing the floral motifs in sunny yellows, on neon tulip dresses, and on gala-worthy ball gowns in shades of pink so incandescent you’ll need shades to look straight at them.

Team Player

We never thought we’d fall so hard for a sporting staple like the windbreaker. But wonders never cease when a concept is put in the right hands and an athletic mood is in the ethos. Offered in primary colours, blacks, and whites; in extra-long, cropped, shrunken, and oversized versions—there’s one for everyone.

Cinch It

The waist has it for all seasons. Though belts are hardly new, this fresh iteration is never low slung. Instead, it’s all about creating a shape on the body. Whether you’re all about bows or something edgier like heavy metals, you’ll have no trouble finding middle ground.

The Big Jeans

Some have argued for sweatpants forevers, and we can’t deny the appeal, but a girl can never be fully divorced from her denim. Get the best of both worlds in oversized jeans that are as louche and cool as they are comfortable. Washes run the gamut from dark blues to tattered lighter fare—just add some oversized shirting and jackets, and you have your new uniform on lock.    

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