Nature has given us many gifts and Cannabis; the magical flower is one of them. With the help of science, we can unfold it better and take advantage of its magical effects to the full extent. Each day is a new milestone of discovery, and we continue to learn more about these precious plants.

So far, science has told us that Cannabis consists of many compounds.

Two main of them are Cannabinoids and Terpenes, which intermingle with receptors in the brain and body to create various effects. Sure those effects are enjoyable, but how does it benefit us? Let’s find out.

Chronic pain relief

As stated above, Cannabis contains many chemical compounds; two significant of them cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have pain-relieving properties. Cannabinoid stimulates the brain’s receptors, which activates the reward system and results in reducing pain levels. On the other hand, THC is a psychoactive compound that takes you to an elevated state of mind. The combination of these compounds having pain-relieving properties makes it highly effective against chronic pain relief and relaxation.

Help in weight loss

There are a number of studies that suggest that smoking weed can help in weight loss, and regular smokers lose up to two pounds a week. Many users report a decrease in their desire to eat leads to weight loss. Many others also stated that they feel full after eating less than usual caused the weight loss.

Fight with diabetes

Cannabis has magical effects on regulating and even preventing diabetes. Cannabis has reportedly improved the production of insulin and rapidly dropping blood sugar levels. It also causes a rise in adiponectin, which helps in regulating blood sugar levels.

Many studies found people who used Cannabis and marijuana for treating diabetes experienced a reduction in diabetes and its symptoms. Not only can it help with diabetes but also deceases, which are caused by diabetes like retinopathy or neuropathy.

Treats depression and anxiety

Cannabis is considered as a naturally produced chemical compound highly effective against depression and anxiety. CBD interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain, which leave its impact on a range of functions in the body. The feeling of well-being or happiness and emotional states of a person is triggered by the use of CBD, which is considered as the key to fighting against anxiety and depression. Many studies have also suggested that CBD appears to act as antidepressants and antianxiety when used on animals suffering from depression.

Strengthen bones

Many of you might be surprised, but CBD can make bones stronger and speed up the healing process in case of fracture. During a study rats having mild femoral fractures were injected with CBD and THC. Not only did they healed quickly as compared to those who were not receiving CBD and THC, but also their bones become stronger. The team concluded that CBD alone is sufficient for healing fractures in humans.

Helps with ADHD

People with ADHD can get some help from Cannabis to deal with difficulties in focusing on tasks and restless behavior. CBD can help to maintain a proper balance and the correct levels of the neurotransmitter in the brain, which is known as dopamine. However, the unpleasant side effects can’t be buried. The use of CBD leaves an impact on dopamine levels and helps them to stay more focused and controlled. However, many researchers claim that the evidence stating the fact that CBD can be helpful against ADHD is insufficient, and there is more to be discovered in the area.

How Juicyfields Can Help?

Cannabis is undoubtedly a gift of nature, and the health benefits are ever-growing. With the passage of time, scientists are digging deep into this miracle plant, and the more they dig, the more they discover. The benefits of medical Cannabis are ever-growing, but only the highest quality is able to provide the desired results. The cannabis industry still lacks medical Cannabis for research and production. To fulfill the gap came into action to support and unite all medical cannabis enthusiasts. It is a crowdfunding platform uniting the people associated with Cannabis in America and Europe.

Juicyfields is happy to help everyone, whether it is a financially struggling start-up or well-developed organizations stepping towards partnership. Many people are struggling to get expensive cannabis licenses or even afraid of the consequences of conflicts between state and federal laws and legalization. Juicyfields give everyone an equal opportunity to invest and share the profit without worrying about anything.

Juicyfields wish to play the role of the backbone in the development of the cannabis industry and the supports with empowering the growers. They provide financial aid to struggling growers and open doors for them to become a partner.

The next step is to support the expert growers who struggle in finding the right buyer for their world-class product. Juicyfeilds welcome them as a partner who can purchase all of their product and multiply the profit.

Juicyfields also support and empower distributors, wholesalers, and ambassadors who bridge the gap and empower the industry. And the final step to supplying that precious medical Cannabis to researchers or manufacturers who are looking for them to develop their products. They can become partners with juicyfields and get their hands on some supreme products. Don’t worry if you are not part of the cycle you can still become a partner and show your love for Cannabis.



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