Nothing compares the bright beams of light that flood your bedroom in the morning, the ray of sunshine that urges you to rise and seize the day. There’s something about the warm glow that makes us feel alive and kicking which is why we want as much of it as we can get. Unfortunately, we don’t all reside in luxury mansions with ample space and french windows in every room to let in endless amounts of the good stuff. There are, however, more creative ways in which we can naturally illuminate our households and get our daily dose of vitamin D. Continue reading to find out how you can increase the amount of natural light in your home and even save a few bucks on your utility bills.

Skylight Diffuser

If, like thousands of Australians, you’ve already got a skylight, that’s a great start. Creating an additional opening to your room will give you guaranteed results. But what if I told you, you can take it a step further? Installing a skylight diffuser will prevent glare and evenly spread the light throughout your room. Whether it’s for your office or a bedroom, you’ll be amazed by the impact such a simple addition can have to your living space.

Choose Your Colour Palette Wisely

If you think back to art class all those years ago you may be able to remember learning a fundamental lesson: Colours can either absorb or reflect light. When you apply this theory to interior design, you will see the information you were taught as a child come to life. Dark shades, in abundance, will absorb light so can make a room appear more dull and dreary, especially if your room is on the smaller side. For this reason, you should stick to light neutral colours to give the appearance of a brighter, more illuminated space.

Get Your Marigolds On

Although it seems fairly obvious, it shouldn’t go without saying that the cleaner your windows are the more light they’ll carry. Scrubbing windows can feel like a workout so it’s understandable that you aren’t going to make this a weekly chore. You should, however, set a reminder to complete this tiresome task every 6 months (on average). If you think back to the last time you scrubbed away the dirt and the dust it was probably longer than 6 months ago, don’t worry, everyone is guilty of the same crime.

Add A Little Glass

Depending on your choice of style you may already be in possession of some glass or mirrored objects. Mirrored furniture and large hung or standing mirrors will help transmit the existing light around the room. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and want to try something different, glass block walls within rooms are making a huge comeback. They effortlessly allow light to penetrate without compromising privacy; the best of both worlds.


It just goes to show that small changes within your home can have a huge impact on the amount of natural light that enters your property. Now you know where to start nothing can stop you from taking a step towards a happier and brighter living space.

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