Things You Should Never Store in a Storage Unit

Storage units can be used for storing things you have no space for, in your home or office. Although a storage units Fontana guy would never ask you what you would like to store in your storage unit, there are a few things you should never store. Some of these include:


Although you can store all your gardening supplies inside a storage unit, you should not put your plants in there. They need light, food, and water for survival, which they will never get in a storage unit. You will be better off keeping them in your home or office, instead of a storage unit.

Firearms, munitions, gunpowder, and explosives

Self-storage units are not for storing your firearm collection. Neither should you put any fireworks or explosives in there. These are inflammable and can cause damage to the storage unit by blowing it up. Not only would you lose everything that you stored in your storage unit, you might also find yourself in a federal facility if you happen to ignore this warning.

Food and other perishables

Storage units are often much hotter or colder than the outside temperature. If you end up putting food items or any other perishable items in there, they will stink and attract pests. Even if it is canned food, you would be better off not putting it in a storage unit. Make sure the containers or boxes you use to store things in the self-storage have not been previously used to hold food such as liquor or banana. At some point of time they will start stinking. This is why many storage units prohibit food storage.

Hazardous materials and waste storage

You can’t put anything that is explosive, flammable, or radioactive in a self-storage unit. This goes true for things that are toxic, noxious, odorous, chemical, or corrosive too. So you will definitely need to look for a different place to store your lead paints, petroleum products, asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyl, urea formaldehyde, medical waste, methane, and any other material that could include toxic ingredients..

Hot stuff

Self-storage is definitely not the place for stolen goods of any kind if you don’t want to end up in a federal facility. Although storage units may seem as safe places, it is not a good idea to stash drugs and marijuana. The facility managers of these storage units are not obligated to protect your goods from the police.


None of the insurance policies cover cash that is kept in a storage unit. The best place for cash would be your bank account or a safe deposit box at the bank. This applies to your jewelry too. You don’t want to push your luck too hard and find your valuables stolen or in a damaged condition.

This is just a basic list of items that shouldn’t be stored in self-storage. The prohibited items might vary from one storage facility to another. Hence it is always better to read your contract or clarify your queries with the store manager. Apart from the above, you can store pretty much everything else in a storage unit.

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