Having a driver’s license suspended can be an annoyance and an inconvenience to any driver. For any driver, professional or otherwise, it can be unfavourable to a person’s lifestyle and on their finances.

How can my driver’s license get suspended?

The reasons behind getting a suspended driver’s license are numerous and include;

· Getting traffic violation and speeding tickets

· Getting a ticket for drinking and driving

· Driving without a car insurance

· Failing to properly respond to court summons and fees

· Other non-driving related offences, including negligence of child support payments.

How long does a driver’s license last for?

The length of the driving license suspension usually varies, according to the violation that caused the suspension, or the negligence of duties that you are guilty of.

Steps to reinstating a suspended driver’s license

Having a driver’s license suspended can seem a really big deal, and the process to reversing the suspension can be tiring; but the major reason for the difficulties is to serve as a deterring factor for future violations that could lead to a suspension. It is important to note that although the steps might seem tiring, most times, the suspend license is eventually reinstated; all you need is a ton of patience.

Each state varies in the steps to be carried out to fix suspended license. However, there are the basic steps that a person should follow.

· Carefully read and understand the terms of your suspension notice.

You must keep your address correctly listed and updated at your required vehicle department branch, so you can always receive important mail, and therefore not miss your suspension notice. Your licence can still be suspended even without you receiving the suspension notice, so it is crucial that you stay on top of your mail. Then, after your licence has been suspended, you can go back to this notice for reference purposes, and for reinstating your license.

· Enroll in a traffic school, and take a defensive driving course.

Driving classes and defensive courses are not a requirement for getting a driver’s license reinstated in every state, but if your state lists this as one of the requirements, you can easily do this at minimal costs, although it can take up some of your time.

· Getting an SR 22 filing on your car insurance

An SR 22 filing is a pretty easy thing to set up, with a minimal filing fee. The filing simply updates your insurance policy, with the benefits of linking the state with your car insurance, allowing the state be aware of any changes to your vehicle or car insurance. Needless to say, if you previously did not have car insurance, it is time to get one. Make enquiries and appropriate research concerning the most suitable car insurance for you and your vehicle.

· Pay Your Fees

There are always fees that come with dealing with violations and driver’s license suspensions. Most states vary in their set legal fees, so you will need to look through your suspension notice, or make further research to confirm what the required fees are.

· Wait for Processing

After going through the required steps, and paying the appropriate fees, the next step is to get your driver’s license reinstated. Here, you will have to wait for complete processing of your paperwork, and some states take up to 14 days for this.

Here is where most of the patience will have to be exhibited, as attempting to go ahead and drive without the reinstated license is against the law, and your driver’s license suspension will be extended, with a new set of violations.


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