Muscles tense whenever we’re stressed, and that can often happen even when one feels seemingly relaxed. These types of tense behavior are often reflected in clenching the jaw, fists or feeling constant back pain. This is all connected to your state of mind, therefore, if you’ve been dealing with constant issues that cause you to feel stressed, it’s very likely that some symptoms will manifest as muscle tension. However, there are some relaxation techniques and tips that may relieve the tension, so for that reason, here are some ways that may help you relax, and therefore, improve your health.

1. Give yourself permission to relax

Many people live in a constant state of stress, as they’ve incorporated it as their default way of being. Therefore, make sure to give yourself permission to relax. Next time you feel like taking some rest, be sure to do it on your own terms: switch off your phone, reduce exposure to stressful content or people, and do things that bring you peace and joy. Some people have issues with relaxing, so if that continually poses an issue, then feel free to talk to a professional as well.

2. Try meditating once a day

Meditation and mindfulness, in general, are some of the most helpful tools when it comes to coping with stress. When you learn to ground yourself and enjoy the present moment, you’ll feel less prone to stress. Plus, embracing mindfulness and doing regular body scans, can help you identify parts of your body that are tense or clenched on the regular. Just remember that these methods may take time, which is why it’s important to remain patient, and kind to yourself.

3. Massage is always a good idea

Maybe you tend to live a sedentary lifestyle, or maybe your job is too physically demanding. Whatever the case, a nice, relaxing massage will help alleviate pain and discomfort in your muscles. There are numerous massage benefits, such as reduction of anxiety, pain, and it can also boost your immunity. Now, going to a massage parlor is often the best solution. However, if you’re too busy, you can always invest in a quality mini muscle massager and then relax in the comfort of your home. Whether it’s opting for professional service or buying massage tools, this is something you need to do at least once in a few months, mainly if you’re living a stressful life.

4. Avoid exposure to stress-inducing content or people

Since we’re so deeply immersed in social media, it’s important to limit or totally avoid exposure to stress-inducing content or people. If you must use social media, then be sure to mute, block or unfollow anything that triggers your feelings of anxiety or annoyance. Additionally, try staying away from toxic people who constantly complain or try to minimize your issues. Instead, surround yourself with friends and relatives who are supportive, helpful, and most importantly, fun to be around.

5. Reframe the way you approach stress

This might sound funny, but the way you see things can largely determine your emotional or mental state. If everything poses stress, then everything will also cause stress. For example, it’s okay to feel stressed the night before the trip abroad, but it’s also important to remember that there’s no point in obsessing over things that are outside your control. Simply, if something cannot be changed, then it’s not worth stressing over.

6. Your breath is your ally

Breathing isn’t just a thing that keeps us alive. The way you breathe can have tremendous benefits on your sympathetic nervous system. So controlling your breathing in anxious situations is the best tool to calm yourself down. Next time you feel anxious, try to take deep, slow breaths. Also, your out-breaths should be slower than your in-breaths, as that helps with relaxation. There are numerous breathing exercises that can help you get started, so feel free to check them out, as you’re likely to benefit from them.


Relaxing your muscles and your mind is important if you want to help yourself during difficult times. Anxiety is a regular part of modern life, which is why you should try some of these tips. Managing stress, and relaxing your muscles can also help you achieve more things, sleep better and live a healthy lifestyle.

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