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How do you find a suitable woman? How do you attract them? Here are some great tips on being attractive to women.


1. Find Common Ground

A really simple strategy for knowing how to talk to women is using what you have in common with them as a springboard. A simple way to do this would be to use the setting of the conversation to your advantage.

Vanessa Van Edwards, a behavioural investigator and founder of Science of People notes that you can modify this tip to an event of any kind. For instance, when you approach an attractive woman at a party, you could ask her something like, “How do you know the host?” That way, it is possible to establish that both of you have at least one person in common, and you can proceed with the conversation from there.

If you are at a work-related event, Van Edwards recommends modifying the question to, “How long have you been working for this organisation?” Regardless of the situation that you might be in, starting with the settings or the people that you have in common helps create a solid ground for the remainder of the conversation.


2. Notice Specific Details

You would complement a man who was well-dressed on his stylish accessories, so why not do the same for a woman? A woman’s choice of clothing can be an excellent starting point for a conversation. If she is wearing a hat or a shirt with a sports logo, you can find out whether she is actually a fan of that team or brand.

The same applies to clothes that have TV and movie references or unique accessories such as eccentric jewelry, a quirky purse, or shoes. Asking about such accessories can also be an excellent way to break the ice. If you compliment a quirky or cool outfit, it shows that you are attentive in a sophisticated way as opposed to lecherous or creepy.


3. Invoke Pop Culture

According to some sexy London escorts, if you feel that you lack the confidence to talk to a girl, then an easy way to kick things off would be to bring up the current pop culture. Joke or comment about something that she is probably already familiar with.

Recent streaming service shows, reality TV and pop music shenanigans are all safe bets. However, you should always remember to keep it light-hearted. Avoid politics and avoid bringing up a pop culture event that you don’t feel positively about.

If you hated the most recent season of The Witcher, avoid bringing it up until you know your date a little better. If you start things off on a sour note, you risk casting a negative shadow over the remainder of your conversation.

Just think, it would be incredibly awkward if you were to say that you hated a show or movie only to later find out that she actually loved it.


4. Ask About Her Favorite TV Show or Movie

This conversation starter is related to the tip about invoking pop culture, but it is actually more specific. Just about everybody has a movie or TV show that they like.

When you talk to women, first share your personal favorite before asking about hers. For example, you could say “I have been hooked on Money Heist lately – do you have a favorite on Netflix?” A woman’s favorite series or movie says much about her. It can hint at whether or not both of you have compatible interests.

If you end up arranging to see a movie or binge-watch a series with her on the second or third date, you will already be having an idea of the kind of shows that she might like.


5. Ask About Her Passions

If you are shy or introverted, the idea of carrying a conversation all by yourself might feel a bit intimidating. A subtle and easy way to shift the focus of the conversation to your partner is by asking what she is passionate about.

You don’t need to straight-up ask her what her passions are. Instead, you can try asking her what she prefers to do in her free time.

Start off by sharing something that you like doing and ask her to pipe in. For instance: “You know, I have been trying to learn French lately. A friend of mine showed me an amazing app called Duolingo, which is way more fun than 8th grade French! What do you generally like to do in your free time?”

Knowing their interests and talents also gives you the perfect opportunity to compliment a woman without ever mentioning her appearance. It is a classy move that immediately sets you apart from other men and is a great tip for being attractive to women.

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