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Moving into a new home is an exciting transition. You might miss the old place, the neighbors, or the relaxed rules from the homeowners association, but getting into a new home brings a fresh start and seemingly endless opportunities!

If you’re upgrading your home, you might have some extra cash to spare, and spending it on some luxury items can take your new house from ordinary to extraordinary almost instantly. So if you’re looking for ways to dress things up, consider these seven luxury purchases that are sure to make your new home feel more extravagant than ever.

1. Original Art

Nothing says, “cultured and sophisticated,” quite like original artwork. Not only are you supporting the artist directly (which is great because artists need patronage these days), but you’re purchasing something completely unique. You’re not going to visit a friend’s house and realize you both have the same painting from IKEA hanging in your living room. 

Original artwork tells a story too. No matter who the artist is, if you ask about their inspiration for a particular work, they’re going to be thrilled to share it with you. Then once you’ve got that painting hanging in your lounge, you’ve got a great conversation piece! 

2. Luxury Rugs

Whether you get a small rug for the entryway, a runner for your hallway, or a large rug for a more open space, purchasing a luxury rug is sure to elevate the style and comfort level of your new home. 

Introducing a rug into just about any space automatically brings a sense of warmth and coziness. Use it to emphasize a color scheme, or contrast your furniture. If you’ve got old wood floors covered in wear and imperfections, use a luxury rug to cover them up! 

Luxury rugs might seem a little expensive, but when you understand what goes into making them, you might just reconsider purchasing one -because they’re works of art! To learn more about luxury rugs, check out this article on Lawrence of La Brea.

3. Comfortable Seating

Of all the worthy investments on this list, comfortable seating is easily close to the top. Comfortable seating is essential, especially if you intend to do much entertaining. 

A luxurious couch might set you back at first, but it will pay itself off in comfort over the course of its life, and if you play your cards right, it could last you a very long time! 

So whether it’s a recliner or a sofa, make sure that it’s made from high quality materials and built to last -that’s the best way to ensure your seating is bringing a sense of luxury along with it.

4. Unique Lighting 

The lighting in a room influences just about every aspect of the interior  design. Bright white lights directly overhead might be great for displaying artwork in a gallery, but they’ll wash out any sense of mystery or romance you want your space to convey. 

Unique lighting helps illuminate colors you want to highlight, and leave shadows where you want a bit of mystery. Make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into a movie with the perfect unique lighting!

5. Antiques

Whether it’s an old sewing machine, a secretary, a book collection, or a dining room table, antiques will bring a sense of history, class, and sophistication to any room. Auctions are great places to find historical pieces, and thrift stores can be gold mines if you know what you’re looking for. 

6. Deluxe bedding

If you don’t look forward to getting snuggled up under your own covers every night, you need to invest in some deluxe bedding! Something is terribly wrong if you sleep better in a hotel bed than you do on your own! 

Don’t just get a new comforter either. Get yourself new sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and even a new mattress if you need! You should be excited to crawl into bed every night. It’s impossible to feel grumpy about the price when you end up sleeping that much better!

7. Quality cookware

High quality cookware is irreplaceable. If you don’t cook very often, having really high quality pots, pans, knives, and the like might just change your perspective, and save you some money! Cheap pots and pans can actually make cooking well more difficult, so you might be a better cook than you previously thought!

Don’t stop at the cookware either -get yourself a fancy dining room set so you’re always prepared to host a dinner party! 


Moving into a new home is the perfect chance to amp up your interior decor, and these seven luxury items are sure to help get you there! 

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