Picking a medical specialty is one of the most important decisions medical students ever make in their life. The decision has a significant impact on your career, this is why it is advised to do your research and then make a well-informed decision. Every year thousands of students enter medical school in order to fulfill their goal of becoming a great physician.

Aspiring physicians are passionate about completing an MD program and becoming a licensed physician to make a real difference in people’s lives. But many are confused about their career choice. Medicine is a broad field that is packed with a number of specialties, making it a bit difficult for premedical students to choose the right medical specialty.

Whether you are a premedical student or medical student, there are a number of intelligent ways to explore different medical specialties. Medical students get the opportunity to get a better idea of different medical fields through clinical rotations and hands-on training. They can also identify their interests in a particular field by shadowing a physician, performing volunteer work in inpatient and outpatient hospital settings.

Choosing the type of medical field to practice requires a lot of research, time and knowledge of the particular specialty. Considering medical specialties during premedical years allows you freedom to plan ahead and find opportunities before starting medical education. First year of medical school is also the best time to explore medical specialties and find the best possible career choice that perfectly matches your unique set of talents, skills and interests.

If you have made up your mind to become a physician and are thinking of applying to medical school or about to begin your medical school, it is advised to start exploring medical specialties so that you can make the right career decision. Here are some effective ways to choose the right medical specialty.

 Shadowing Physicians

It is one of the most effective ways to choose the right medical specialty that allows existing and future medical students to come up with the right career choice. Physician shadowing is a great opportunity for premed and medical students that gives them clinical exposure. Shadowing allows you to observe a physician and develop a better understanding of how to treat patients. You will learn how to take a patient’s history, perform a physical exam, diagnose the medical condition on the basis of symptoms, order clinical examination and prescribe medications.

Many medical schools provide their students with an opportunity to work within hospitals that are affiliated with the school. However, premedical students can get the opportunity to shadow a physician by contacting their family doctors, hospitals and medical centers that offer training opportunities for aspiring physicians.

Perform Volunteer Work

Believe it or not, volunteering is an amazing way to explore different medical specialties and gain a better understanding of how to work in the medical field. Many premed students are unaware of the area of specialization they want to choose as a career. Many hospitals, research institutes and rehabilitation centers offer volunteer opportunities for high school and premedical students. Students can work in different departments, inpatient and outpatient, emergency room, operation theater, and laboratories.

Working in different clinical settings and departments allows you to gain a clear picture of how each medical specialty functions. This way you can decide whether you like to work in psychiatry, hematology, orthopedics, dermatology, surgery or any other specific medical field.

Follow Physicians on Social Media

If you are one of those students who didn’t get the chance to shadow a physician or perform volunteer work in a healthcare setting, don’t worry. You can still explore medical specialties by harnessing the power of social media. You can use social media to learn about different medical conditions, advanced medical procedures, and diagnostic tests.

Many physicians, surgeons, residents, and healthcare staff share information on a variety of medical topics. Some doctors share snippets of medical procedures and surgeries they perform to give future doctors an in-depth understanding of the topic. Physicians also share the latest news and research articles, allowing you to stay aware of the latest happenings in the medical field.

Some physicians, clinicians and surgeons share their valuable views on a topic in which you have particular interest. Many physicians help future doctors to choose the right medical specialty by sharing their personal experiences. You can connect with medical residents and ask them about their experience in a particular field.

Watch Online Video Tutorials

There are various medical specialties, what medical specialty should you choose will become easier if you start watching video tutorials. You will find a number of websites that are offering medical training videos for aspiring physicians and healthcare professionals. You can explore the medical specialty that best matches your interests, advance your academic knowledge and hone clinical skills.

Medical training videos and online lectures explain different medical subjects and serve as a great learning resource for students, nurses, medical assistants and practicing physicians. Lecturio, Osmosis, Strong Medicine, Healthcare Triage, and FtpLectures Academy are a few best learning resources that medical students can use to choose the right medical specialty.

To Sum All Things Up

Whether you are studying in medical school or planning to apply to medical school, make sure to thoroughly research all medical specialties. Staying up to date on different medical fields will help you choose the right medical specialty that best matches your personality traits and interests.

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