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Renovate Your Bathroom
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7 Passionate Ideas To Renovate Your Bathroom

On our last family trip, we stayed at a five-star resort amidst the snow-capped mountains. Everything was very appealing and as perfect as it can be. But there’s this one thing that I got most obsessed with – it’s their luxurious bathroom with their Free standing bath. It was so attempting that I spent almost two hours in the tub. Admit it – we all dream of having such restrooms in our houses. And guess what – you can make it a reality too with just a little innovation and modest investment. 

To help you get started, here are ten passionate ideas to inspire your bath decor. 

Go For Oval Vanity Mirrors 

This concept is from French bathrooms. Why oval? The oval-shaped mirrors are more pleasant to eyes than the rectangular ones. The curved lines they add to the room makes them more visually appealing. They serve as the focal point of your bathroom. Plus, hanging the oval mirror horizontally over the marble vanity maximizes your mirror room. 

Stylish Shower Enclosures

Showers are the second most eye-catching thing of the lavatory after the mirrors. Home design experts advise for the trending shower enclosures made up of steel. They are robust yet light and airy. But sometimes they offer an industrial feel. To avoid that, go with a simple steel frame shower enclosure with divided lights.  

Mix And Match Bath Tile Sizes

Today, you can find bath tiles in a variety of shades and designs. It gives you the leverage of mixing and matching different types to create a new innovative design. But don’t overwhelm it – keep it less complicated. There is a golden rule of thumb in this regard – mix just two or three sizes, not more than that. Incorporate large ones are for the floor, the moderate size on the walls, and the smallest of them, on the wall near the mirror. Additionally, you can try a variation of bathroom shower tiles for a vivid look. 

Select Light Colors

Since the majority of bathrooms are rather narrow spaces where functionality is the first priority, betting on light walls is a great idea. Bright bath with light-coloured walls is always soothing to the eyes. Remember that light colors “enlarge” space, while dark colors reduce the room. So try to stay in a bright palette, which will make your room appear larger and airy than it is.

Little advice for girls: try to stay in neutral colors (white, cream, beige, pale gray), because the colors of the walls can be reflected on your face and thus influence the way you make up. So beware of the dapper colors.

Hide Less Aesthetic Products

So that your bathroom retains its zen and refined look, try to conceal as much as possible the less visually attractive products. For example, get a nice soap pump instead of using the original printed bottle, place your tissues in a beautiful decorative box, or hide your rolls of toilet paper in a cute wicker basket.

Keep Storage in Mind

Since various products accumulate very quickly in the bathroom, spacious storage units will make your life easier. Maximize the space under your sink, add a few shelves above the toilet, or get a small storage unit on legs. The more organized your bathroom, the clearer you will see!

Don’t Forget About Optimal Drying Space.

Wiping with a damp towel, nobody likes it. To avoid this, make sure you have a space reserved for drying linen and towels. The scales are currently prevalent in decoration, and all are reported to act as towels in a bathroom. A little tip: place it on top of a stove so that soft and warm towels are waiting for you when you get out of the shower.

Implementing these tips will make your bathroom look as you dream it to be! 

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