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7 Qualities To Consider When Hiring Architects In Ithaca NY

Architects based in Ithaca are enjoying a steady stream of work — thanks to a strong local economy. This is good news for working professionals like bca architects and engineers and you as well, because you would have no problem in finding an architect.

But, with so many to choose from, it can be challenging to pick the one that’s right for you. Fortunately, websites like Yelp and Home Advisor offer lists of architects to make your life a little easier.

To give you more guidance, consider these positive qualities in your search for your next local architect:

  1. Amiable

This doesn’t mean that your architect should be your next best friend. Building camaraderie with people you have to work with is a basic rule. Keep in mind that building a home takes a lot of time and discussion, so you’d probably meet with your architect on countless occasions.

By ensuring that you can fairly get along with your architect, you’ll be saving yourself a ton of headaches in the long run when conflicts arise – and they will. So it doesn’t hurt to establish a comfortable, professional relationship with your architect right from the beginning.

  1. Efficient communicator

Building a home can be a daunting feat to undertake, which is why you need an architect who can regularly keep you posted about:

● Whether or not the timeline is being followed

● The budget (if you’re sticking to it or if there’s a need to adjust)

● Any significant changes they’ll decide to make in the process (taking down a wall, for instance)

● Any issues that may come up

To be an efficient communicator, your architect must readily make himself available to you. It’s a good sign if they take the initiative to ask about your schedule so you two can set up weekly meetings, or however often is necessary.

  1. Experienced

An architect with at least a couple of years of work behind them are always preferable over a rookie. An experienced architect would be proud to show you a portfolio of past amazing works, which allows you to see for yourself if you like the way their mind works.

It will also give you a chance to speak with their previous clients and get some useful feedback. Lastly, since you won’t be the first client, they already know how to see people’s vision and needs.

  1. Creative

Did you know that Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum was inspired by Ithaca’s roads in the late 1800s, which were then made of yellow brick? Your architect should have that same tendency to be inspired by their environment in a creative way.

They should be capable of building interesting visual elements to a solid design, but in a way that doesn’t compromise the safety or integrity of your house. For instance, although shallow built-in shelves offer a clean look and more storage space, your architect shouldn’t push it if the wall that will have added shelves isn’t thick enough. Practicality still comes before creativity.

  1. Farsighted

To be clear – no, this doesn’t refer to their vision. A farsighted architect can seemingly look into the future and realize the consequences and implications of decisions. This would apply to the structural integrity of your home, as well as its style. Having a classic home without fleetingly popular features is especially important if you plan on retiring in it.

  1. Detail-oriented

The architect paradox is that they must focus on the big picture and the long term, without overlooking any of the minute details. If you’re lucky, you’ll find someone who isn’t short of being the personification of it. They can identify why you wouldn’t want those extra steps in a few years, while also understanding why the paint color you want could make the space look smaller.

  1. Holistic

It’s great if an architect can do what’s expected and focus on the main job of planning out the structure of your home. However, it can also be an advantage to hire someone who has a more holistic knowledge and approach.

If you want that, try to look for an architect who can advise you on:

Fixtures and finishes

● Contractors

● Budget

● Time

● Design

You’d be fortunate to find a local architect who possesses all of these qualities. However, remember that you two would be building towards a professional partnership, so one thing you can do to be a great client is to be trusting. Every architect has studied for years to be an expert at what they do, so be ready to let go of the reins once in a while and trust their judgement.

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