Summer is just around the corner and it’s time for you to reconsider your wardrobe choices. It’s the season to get a little more creative with your dresses. Ideally, we would all go for a more casual look that isn’t stuffy and lets us breathe while we strut about the day.

Let’s look into how flip flops for women can be incorporated into our summer outfit. Flips flops aren’t usually the first footwear choice that would pop into your head when heading out, we would rather wear it for rough use.

Before we look into how we can change our outlook with this footwear, let’s review the benefits of wearing flip flops:

● They allow your feet to breathe, which is important during the summer because you don’t want to deal with sweaty or smelly feet.

● They are versatile, can be worn as beachwear and/or pool wear. If you can get creative with your dress, flip flops could be pulled off for any of your casual meetings.

● They are comfortable and easy to wear; they give your legs enough room for mobility and it is quick to wear.

● Explore your choices before passing judgments on flip flops because they come in so many different styles and designs.

Now that we’ve convinced you why you should consider this footwear for your summer style, let’s look into how you can pull this off with grace:

● As mentioned, flip flops come in many styles and designs, consider pairing your vintage type flip flop with a floral print maxi dress. Maxi dresses are ideal for different body types and are the perfect outfit for the summer. The pairing will give you that laid-back style you are embodying this summer.

● Wearing a mono outfit with a unique coloured flip flop will give your outfit that extra touch it needs for you to stand out. Look into pastel-coloured sandals, the odd fitting with a showy colour somehow ties the attire together.

● A crop top, a palazzo, and a classic black flip flop. The iconic trio. This outfit will make you stand out in the crowd and rock the summer fashion game effortlessly.

● Don’t back away from DIY hacks to help give your plain flip flop something unique. Tying up a lace on to the straps of your flip flops will save you from blisters and at the same time gives a quirky look. Hot glue buttons, adorn it with sequins, ruffle it up with some crochet strips to spruce up your summer.

● If you are someone who is into wearing modest footwear which would rather show off your outfit more, then flip flops are most definitely your go-to. Pair your sandals with trousers and a striped shirt for the ultimate look this summer.

● The first thought when you think of flip flops is of it being a stocky footwear which is either a size too big or a size too small, but you are probably unaware that flip flops are your dominant footwear collection. We usually categorize sleek looking footwear, platforms, and slightly heeled slippers into the sandal’s category but in reality, they are just the different types of flip flops we keep emphasizing on. See, now do you know why we’re giving flip flops so much credit?

● Lastly, perhaps the best hack to look good, Color co-ordinated accessories with flip flops and a monochrome dress. The most fitting costume cross over this summer.

This summer, flaunt your fashion with a pair of flip flops, the key to rocking this look is to not overthink your flip flop choices but rather to go with the casual flow.

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