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You are going for your morning walk wearing your Nike trousers and your Adidas training shirt. After completing your walk, you decide to refresh yourself by having your favorite energy drink, Red Bull. If you read the above statement, you can notice the influence of popular brands which affect our daily routine. We are subconsciously making decisions that are aided by marketing strategies that are used by companies to promote their products.

The sports industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world because popular sports attract fans from around the world. Followers of such sports are willing to spend money on products that are endorsed by their favorite sports and athletes. Sports teams who have a massive fanbase on social media can have a significant influence on the sales of products if they endorse a specific product. For example, custom rally towels supported by Baltimore Orioles will generate sales for the company. Due to the influence of the sports industry, here are some of the products that can be used as marketing tools to increase sales.

1. Sports Shoes

If you are a sports fan, you must be familiar with the number of brands and ads that surround their sports shoes. Athletes sign contracts worth millions of dollars to endorse shoes of a particular company. Companies target athletes to market their products and become brand ambassadors in return for sponsoring these athletes and providing them with their products. You can see these trends when you think about Gatorade and Michael Jordon or Nike and Roger Federer. Since these athletes command tremendous following, these companies can generate significant revenue by encouraging the fans of such players to buy their boots.

2. Infused Glass Surfboards:

Although surfboards have not varied much throughout the years apart from shifting to resin from wood. However, the surfing market can be shaken by the introduction of Varial Infused Glass, which not only makes the boards durable but also makes them lighter to carry. The process involves vacuum bagging in one attempt rather than completing it in stages. Apart from the physical features, the new surfboard is also environmental-friendly since no styrene vapors are released in the production process. Although not used in vast quantities, they are generating interest from the sports industry due to their superior quality and may be highly demanded in the coming years.

3. Gas-Free Stand up Watercraft:

Traditional watercraft which, are powered by gas, are well known for their high emissions and the noise they generate, which can irritate people on land. As an alternative, you now have the chance to choose the Gratis X1, which does not create significant noise and is electrically powered to prevent harmful emissions. The internal battery allows it to be used for 45 minutes per charge, and it has built-in features to perform tricks and cruise with ease over the water surface. It comes with the top speed of 40 knots, which is comparable to the gas-fuelled watercraft. Although the battery charging time can vary between 90 minutes to four hours, it can be charged by multiple resources, which is an advantage.

4. Streamlined Gliding Paddleboards:

When using a traditional paddleboard, you only require a paddle to move around in the water. However, because the activity is becoming increasingly popular, more people are jumping in the water with boards of different sizes and shapes. Finpo Water glider is one such board that comes with a built-in propulsion system. It can act like a gear that the user needs to shift back and forth to move in the water. The board is 3.6 meters long but can hold up to 370 pounds, which makes it relatively stable to use.

5. Activity-Tracking Goggles:

The next time you decide to go swimming, try using the smart swim goggles, which are specifically designed to monitor your performance. You can have access to heart rate, lap counts, and calories you used while you swim. Using these goggles will eliminate the need for a smartwatch and other such devices you used to measure your heart rate. Zwim goggles will also show you the progress when you are involved in particular exercises by showing how much laps are left in your present workout. The goggle settings will help you decide what you want displayed.

6. Smart Helmets:

Wearing helmets is necessary if you are riding a bike or learning how to ride a bicycle. If you like riding a bicycle during the leisure, hours you need to take safety measures to avoid a life-threatening situation in an accident. Why not buy these helmets which can help you navigate your way easily due to their advanced feature? These helmets come with illumination lights that can signal to people around you when you are going to slow down or increase the speed of your bicycle. Apart from this, it can give you signals when to apply breaks by analyzing the surroundings to identify potentially threatening situations. These LED lights will also protect you from potential accidents by providing light and signal drivers of your presence on your road.

7. Respiratory Performance Masks:


Respiratory masks help to improve your workout and fitness and take it to the next level. You can simply enhance your respiratory performance by wearing the mask that will limit your air intake. The mask has features that you can customize to let in the desired amount of air, which is healthy for your lungs to function properly. Training regularly while wearing the mask will help strengthen your respiratory muscles and enable you to exercise for a considerable amount of time. The mask can be adjusted with a simple dial to maintain the airflow that you desire.

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