Getting ready for spring after the long, dark winter months brings an excitement with it that no other season’s change can beat. As we all look forward to feeling the sun on our faces, it’s the perfect time to start planning a spring bucket list.


Never mind spring cleaning. 


How about some good ol’ spring fun?


You deserve to use some of your valuable time for things you enjoy, not just responsibilities. 


This spring, why not take advantage of the beauty opening back up in the world around you? 


If you’re looking for something exciting to add to your list of adventures, make time for these seven things this spring.


1. Plan a Road Trip


When was the last time you got in your car just to drive? To enjoy the peace of wide-open roads? To remember the wonder of the freedom you felt when you first got behind the wheel?


Road trips can give you an experience similar to those early days. It’s truly a case of “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”


There isn’t a set amount of time you have to have off before going on a road trip. Anywhere from one day to two weeks gets you away from the grind. The longer you have, the further you can take your adventure. 


States like Illinois have broken down the best ways to explore their areas based on how much time you have. You can use their outlines to get ideas of where you want to go.


Some people argue that the best trips are those with no destination. “Heads Carolina, tails California,” and the rest is on a whim! As long as you have a map or GPS, you’ll always find your way back home.


2. Go to an Opening Baseball Game


Maybe sports aren’t your thing, and you can think of a million things you’d rather do. But hear us out!


The opening day of a baseball game isn’t just about the sport. It’s a reminder of how potent hopes and dreams are to Americans.


Everyone in the stands feels the wonder of opening day games. It’s one of the most anticipated events of the year and has been for decades.


It’s not only about baseball, though. Opening Day is a symbol that spring is here and summer is coming. 


The excitement is almost palpable, and it’s an experience you will want to see firsthand at least once in your life.


3. Explore the Small World Around You


No matter how rushed you are, taking a break in nature forces you to slow down and remember what’s really important.


Bodies of research show that immersing yourself in nature is good for your physical and mental health


Without any help from synthetic medications, people who spend time feeling safe outside have:


  • reduced or stable blood pressure
  • lower stress hormone levels
  • improved mood
  • less anxiety
  • more self-esteem


You don’t have to be a nature buff to benefit from being outside. There is something to do for every interest and fitness level.


Hiking, kayaking, and running are great forms of exercise. However, if you want something more passive, bird watching and berry picking are calm and beneficial.


4. Support Your Local Small Businesses


Depending on where you are, many of the local farmers and other small businesses are coming out of their shelters. They’ve been cooped up in their homes during the winter, but they’re ready to make up for the lost time. 


Springtime is full of signs for farmers markets, craft fairs, local art festivals, and other fun events. Your town’s artisans and those who live nearby count on these special occasions to support their businesses. 


Head to as many as you can! You may not find anything you want to buy, but you can still support local businesses in other ways. 


If you see someone with obvious talent, get their business card and recommend them to others. Go on their Facebook page and leave a review. Let them know in person that you value their item(s). It makes a big difference to small businesses.


5. Eat Outside


For many of us, picnics were our favorite things to do as children. Over the years, we grow out of this pastime, but it’s just as exciting as adults if you do it right!


It’s tempting to bring technology along with your picnic basket. For the most peaceful results, though, stick with the tried and true blanket, basket, and bug spray.


Picnics have been around for centuries because they work just fine as the simple gatherings they are. Bringing phones and Bluetooth devices takes away its simplicity.


Some people don’t want to get back to basics, and that’s fine, too. If you’d rather enjoy the outside atmosphere at a restaurant, a rooftop bar combines nature and delicious meals.


6. Enjoy the Wildflowers


“April showers bring May flowers” is a truism in most climates. And wildflowers are a beautiful reminder that the little things in life are worth taking time to enjoy, too.


Picking wildflowers is a way to unwind and get familiar with botany. Make a few bouquets for your dining room or give them to a friend or neighbor. 


School-aged children at home? 


Flowers make the perfect science experiments!


If your location doesn’t have this natural perk, you can plant a garden to create your own floral and herbal wonders.


7. Have a Yard Sale


Yard sales and springtime are almost synonymous. 


What better time to get rid of your unused things and make some extra money than after a spring cleaning?


With so many online options for selling used goods, yard sales are becoming less popular. 


Keep the tradition alive. You’ll meet new people, make a little extra money, and be glad you had the experience.




As the roots shoot up through the ground and the flowers start to bloom, you can’t ignore the signs of spring. 


Why not plan a few of these seven springtime activities before life gets too busy to enjoy the new season?


Brittany is the Assistant Property Manager at Atrio and a Senior Marketing Ambassador with Marquette Management. She holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Illinois State University and just moved to the city from the northern burbs. She enjoys exploring local restaurants and shops and taking her dog Lady for walks by the lake. Brittany has worked at four different Marquette communities and is excited to meet her new neighbors in the IMD.

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