QR (Quick Response) code is a widely employed technology by business people and marketers that are aiming to level-up their conversion rates to the highest potential. QR Codes are incorporated into multiple marketing techniques and the sector of e-commerce is no strange to that. Even the World’s Largest E-commerce company, Amazon, has been driven by the power of QR Code marketing that has placed their name on top.

QR Codes have given us access to varieties of virtual information that goes beyond what we physically see and read in printed materials.

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8 Use Cases of QR Codes in E-commerce marketing

1.QR Codes on Product Packaging to gain the trust of your consumers

QR Codes are generally integrated into the food industry today. But somehow, marketers still fail to see how QR Codes on their product packaging will help them big time in generating more sales in their business.

The food industry sector is one of the fastest-growing markets. Every day, it is facing a tight and robust competition trying to come up with the freshest and newest business ideas and formulate an even more effective marketing strategy, along with maintaining their customers’ loyalty to their brand.

So how QR Codes on product packaging will help you? Gain the trust of your consumers.

If there’s one thing your consumer wants to know about your product, that is, its detailed and genuine recipes or ingredients and how it will benefit their overall health.

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By including a QR Code on your food packaging, you provide transparency. Not only will they likely purchase your goods, but it could also build consumers’ trust and confidence to your products and maintain their loyalty to you. Even more so, it could attract potential customers.

By scanning the QR Code, you can lead them to a video page that shows how your product is manufactured, the ingredients you put, feedbacks or reviews and who are the best people to consume it. Moreover, you can update the content of your QR Code by using Dynamic QR Code.

Not only QR Codes do help in enhancing customer experience, but also, it is boosting revenue growth and according to Future Market Insights, the global QR code labels market was valued at US$ 996.8 million in 2018 and the market is expected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.7% during the estimated period, 2019-2027.

  1. Social Media QR Codes to share your business

Social media QR Code is one of the most important reasons why you should incorporate QR Codes into e-commerce. Everybody is on social media it is the quickest way for you to expand your reach on a global scale.

By using a social media QR Code, you can link all of your social media sites in one roll without having for people to look for your social media channels individually.

So how does it work?

It will boost your number of followers or subscribers on social media. If you are into the pool of business, you need to establish a good amount of social media subscribers for you to be widely known.

Use social media QR code to cross-pollinate your accounts. Your Instagram followers can follow your twitter account, and you can ask your twitter followers to follow you on YouTube, Facebook, or any of your social media pages. It will automatically display all your sites once your QR Code is scanned.

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  1. QR Codes on your vehicle to place faster orders

One way to use QR Code practically is by having them attached to your company vehicles. Say for example, the two megabrands P&G’s and Walmart, allow pedestrians to scan the QR code and purchase P&G goodies! It will then be delivered right at the customer’s doorstep!

It’s a great way to connect with busy urban citizens along the streets!

  1. QR Codes with logo on company brands to establish identity

One of the most famous apparel retailers, Zara, also incorporated QR Code to their window store which quickly transforms the window shopping experience of customers to the next level! Just by scanning the QR Code, it will allow the buyers to see the discounted items right away!

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Increase brand awareness and stand out from other e-commerce platform by creating your customized QR code for your brand.

  1. QR Codes in Magazines to promote interactive dealing

Incorporating a QR Code does not only set a cutting edge on marketing, but it can also be a way to make an engaging and interactive dealing with your consumer. Link your readers to a video that will emphasize more about the product’s information virtually when they scan your QR code.

This is a proven and tested strategy that builds-up customer relationship even more and Ralph Lauren is doing it right! In fact, in November of 2019, the fashion brand also integrated QR Codes into their products to combat fake imitations.

Each item has its unique QR Code that, when scanned by smartphones, will verify the authenticity of the product.

  1. QR Codes promote cashless payment

Gone are the days when you have to pay in cash because the digital innovation of QR Codes promotes online checkout system. There are already a lot of well-known retail stores that are promoting in-store payment using QR code such as Dunkin DonutsStarbucksTescoAmazon, and the list goes on.

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It speeds up the payment process and is more conducive from a financial standpoint.

Keep up with your competitors in the online race!

  1. QR Codes to increase website traffic

Link a QR code directly to your website that will drive more traffic to your business’ store page when smartphone users scan your QR code!

  1. QR Codes on giveaways 

Place the QR code to your goods, items, or any products that you are planning to have as a giveaway. It is an excellent way to enhance the interactivity and promotional reach of your giveaway campaign.


QR codes allow total connectivity and it bridges the gap between the online and offline world. The versatility of QR Codes is the main reason why it should be integrated into e-commerce. Whether you want to pass a product’s information, discounts, giveaways, offer cashless payments, you can absolutely do it with QR Codes!

Be one of the pioneering in the e-commerce industry by QR code-based marketing and stay on top of the game. Skyrocket your revenue and boost your conversion rate in just a single QR Code!

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