While the breakup angle of Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho and Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt were both done well. I can safely say there is a third one that could be seen as one of the best breakup angles in professional wrestling. On the most recent episode of Ring of Honor, we saw the end of the tag team known as Addiction that was Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.


This one was one of the better break up angles in professional wrestling in a long time as this took everyone by surprise. This would end up leading to Frankie Kazarian joining the Bullet Club. These guys were friends for eighteen years and tag team partners for the last six years. When you think of some of the best Ring of Honor tag teams, they were in the top tier of talent. This was probably one of the more shocking turns in a long time.

What makes this interesting is that Christopher Daniels is set to face Adam Cole this Friday for the Ring of Honor Championship. It is expected that the other members of the Bullet Club will have some sort of role in their match. It will be interesting to see how much Ring of Honor focuses the attention on Kazarian. It should also be noted that Kazarian and Daniels are set to fight at Ring of Honor Supercard XI.

While there are people who don’t want a break up to happen, it works out better for the wrestlers as it gives them opportunities to do things that they weren’t able to do before hand. The 15th anniversary show happens this Friday at 9pm and will see Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero in their first Ring of Honor match since they left Impact Wrestling. Also Bully Ray will be in a match as he teams up with the Briscoes as they face War Machine with Davey Boy Smith Jr.

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