There’s no doubt about it – you can make a lot of money by investing in the right stocks. Many people are put off this type of investment because it can seem initially complicated and riskier, however nowadays it is easier and less of a gamble than ever before to get involved in the stock market.

Here are a few tips for beginners, such as making sure you read this Motley Fool review, looking to try their hand at this type of investment.

Know how much you’re willing to invest

It’s worth setting yourself a clear spending limit first. When investing in conventional stocks, you’ll probably want to be looking at hundreds and thousands. That said, there are micro-investing opportunities for those with a tight budget.

Do your homework

When gaining an understanding of stocks, it’s best to do your homework so that you’re familiar with all the technical terms. It could be worth looking into the best technical analysis books to help gain a thorough understanding. You can also consider short courses and seminars where you may be able to learn about the ins and outs of the stock market. Don’t forget that there also many ways to educate yourself online – you may be able to find blogs and YouTube videos that teach you the stuff that you need to know.

Consider hiring a broker

If learning all the technical stuff seems daunting, you can always hire a broker instead to help you with your investing. This is a very popular option and can make investing in stocks a lot simpler. That said, you do need to find a stockbroker that you can trust. This could involve taking a good look at their portfolio to see the types of investments they’ve made in the past as well as checking online reviews.

Consider mutual funds

Mutual funds are another means of investing in stock in which lots of investors contribute money into a pool. An investment expert manages this pool of money and chooses where to invest it. The advantage of mutual funds is added trust and the option to invest smaller amounts as you are pooling together with lots of other investors. Being part of a mutual fund may involve a monthly fee, which can be the disadvantage, but in some cases you could be paying smaller fees than you would be for using a broker.

Consider a robo-adviser

It’s also now possible to put your trust in a robot. Robo-advisers tell you the best places to invest your money based on unbiased hard data. These advisers usually come in the form of software or apps to which you pay a monthly fee. It’s worth comparing robo-advisers to find the best ones for your needs and budget.


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