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A Criminal Lawyer is Your Helping Hand: Tips When Someone Close to You is Arrested

It’s indeed alarming when you heard the news of the arrest of a friend or relative. When you’re in that plight, the pressure of the moment could lead you not to be able to think clearly for solutions to save him/her from getting locked up in jail.

So, it’s a huge help for you to know about the things that you should do when someone close to you is arrested. As far as possible, avoid unnecessary mistakes when talking to the authorities. You should keep in mind the rights of the arrested person enshrined in the law to protect his/her being from unlawful detention.

For some assistance, here are some tips that you should remember whenever your friend or relative is under arrest.

Keep Your Cool

In many situations, the worse things happen when you panic. That’s also true in unfortunate circumstances like the arrest of a friend or a relative. Thus, you should pull yourself together and stay calm. Misbehaving in front of the authorities could only lead to misunderstanding and disagreement.

You should never attempt to resist the arrest of the person close to you. Instead of helping the person under arrest, you’ll only make matters worse for him/her.

Inquire to the Police as to the Reason of the Arrest

The next thing that you should do to help your loved one in this situation is to ask the authorities what are the grounds of the arrest or if he/she is really under arrest or just being detained. Most of us fail to distinguish between arrest and detention when, in fact, there’s a difference between the two.

After you know that your friend or relative is indeed under arrest, inquire to the authorities the reasons why. Understanding the reasons for the arrest will enable you and the arrested person what step to do next. And if the police heap questions to the arrested person, you should take heed of this next step.

The Arrested Has the Right to Remain Silent

One thing every citizen should know is that they’re entitled to their rights enshrined in the Constitution. For instance, arrested persons have the right to remain silent and hire a lawyer for his/her protection.

Typically, the police will remind the person under arrest of these rights, but if the police fail to do so, you and the lawyer’s legal knowledge will be a big help in this case. The arrested person should be cautious as to what to say to the authorities because it can be considered as his/her legal testimony, and may be used against him/her.

Call the Arrested Person’s Parents or Relatives

If an immediate release is not possible, it’s crucial that you call the parents or the relatives of the person under arrest. His/her parents or relatives may have the best solution to the problem that will get the arrested person out of police detention. Thus, it’s crucial that you inform them regarding the arrest immediately.

Hire a Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer has the legal knowledge to help the person under arrest. The criminal lawyer will assist him/her with the legal complexities of the case. For the best defense of his/her client, the lawyer will help the person under arrest what to say and what not to say.

That’s why, in this situation, you should get the best lawyer that you can get to help your loved one who is under police custody. You can browse sites like mattgould.ca or Lluis Law if you’re looking for a criminal lawyer in this kind of situations.


The arrest of the person close to you is indeed alarming. However, it’s crucial in this unfortunate situation to stay calm and look for ways how you can help the person who is under arrest.

You should ask the authorities what’s the reason for the arrest, and get a criminal lawyer to assist the arrested person in his/her legal needs. The tips above can be a significant help for that purpose.

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