Talents across the world in various fields are emerging and leaving no stones unturned. Sharp minds and tremendous skills are putting behind many of the popular fields and revealing new ideas, concepts, and thought processes. Meet one such amazing and talented entrepreneur who is a DJ, consultant, and entrepreneur –  Kendrick Tilghman.

Kendrick belongs from Baltimore, Maryland, and owns his company ‘ 5 Starr Enterprise’. The company offers an array of services mostly centered around his profession as a DJ. Kendrick is commonly known as DJ 5 Starr. He has a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering and MBA.  He believes education is the most important tool worth acquiring for the development of humans.

With his skills and knowledge, he provides his services as master of ceremonies, professional DJ entertainment, and marketing consulting services. The focus is on events like weddings, corporate functions, spiritual events, conferences, festivals, and also educational events.

I use DJin for marketing and I only DJ weddings, corporate affairs, fundraisers, conferences,  health fairs, spiritual events, and educational events. Found a way to combine my engineering degree with me being a professional DJ and became the #1STEMDJ 11 years and counting.

Being an active social marketing person, he is a very active Instagram personality with thousands of followers. It is the demand of his work and helps him in building efficient marketing strategies. A well-established DJpreneur, Kendrick is unmatched when it comes to DJing.

The best thing about his business is his use of DJing with education. He uses both together to offer his clients and spread awareness of edutainment. The use of DJing in studying concepts of STEM is probably one of the rarest strategies in education but according to Kendrick, one of the most effective as it enhances students’ engagement and makes them enjoy the process of learning subjects that are generally perceived as dull.

To achieve this massive success as a DJ, marketing consultant, and entrepreneur, while earning a fully successful company and living up to the title of Number 1 STEM DJ, was not an easy job. Success never comes easy or fast. Kendrick had to grind himself, attain his degrees and survive in an area where diversity is still a problem. As an African-American, he understands the struggle Blacks face and aims to increase their proportion in the workforce. He wants to make this possible by enticing a love for STEM in the younger generation and creating awareness of STEM education among his community.

DJ 5 Starr’s journey continues and in the near future, he aims to scale his business across America. As he is never afraid of taking risks and thinking out of the box, his professional work is a source of inspiration for many.


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