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Living in hotels for an extended stay is not, contrary to the popular belief, all that glamorous or weird. However, it is very convenient when you have to be mobile for your work and generally travel frequently as a part of your modern nomad lifestyle. Essentially, extended stay hotels fit this kind of lifestyle and mobility perfectly as they provide all of the necessary amenities of a proper home while allowing the nomads to organize their stay according to their own schedule.

Why a Hotel and Not an Apartment?

The answer to this question is rather simple. These days, most apartment rentals require the tenant to sign a lease for at least a year. When you’re living a nomad lifestyle, travel a lot, and generally have to go wherever your job takes you next sometimes even as often as every other week, renting an apartment is completely pointless if not downright impossible. What good is a lease of one year if you have to leave the apartment after a month or two? Are you going to pay the rent for a place you won’t be living in? Of course not.

Life in a Hotel

People might think that treating a hotel room as an apartment is very challenging, but these days, that’s definitely not the norm. Actually, more and more hotels are accommodating modern nomads and travelers with the possibility to book a room for extended stays on a weekly and sometimes even monthly basis. Furthermore, these rooms don’t differ much from regular apartments; they have their own bathroom and kitchen so that you can take care of your basic needs such as proper hygiene and cooking your own meals. It’s possible to even ask for a room with a separate bedroom if you so desire. And just like any other apartment, hotel rooms also come equipped with modern amenities such as entertainment systems, adequate furniture, and so on. This may not be a well-known fact to some, but when you live in extended stay hotel, you also get your own telephone line. In that respect, you can easily get in touch with locals if phone calls make a difference for you. Of course, the front desk will always take your mail and packages, so you can also use the hotel address as your own with no issues, especially if you have to spend a couple of months at the same place yet still have to make some online orders. girl in hotel

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Is It Affordable?

Living in extended stay hotels is actually rather affordable if you lead a lifestyle of a modern nomad. As previously mentioned, renting an apartment with a lease or breaking that lease would end up costing you a lot more if you have to move every couple of months compared to paying rent at the hotel for however long or short you need. A great perk of hotel living is the fact that you also get a maid to clean up your room once a week. Of course, you can make it clear whether you want someone entering your room at all when you check in. In case you prefer to do the cleaning on your own, you can opt for a room that’s smaller in size so that you can deal with the chore quickly. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an extended stay in Scottsdale, Arizona, or Seoul, South Korea, you can always find a room that suits your short-term needs. Be it cleaning, the size of the room, the view, the amenities, and so on, the demand for extended hotel stays nowadays is huge. Therefore, modern nomads won’t have too many challenges when finding an adequate hotel room compared to the challenges one might face when looking for an actual apartment.

Work with no Issues

The modern nomad lifestyle is no longer such a recent thing. More and more people around the world have to travel constantly for their work, or simply choose to do their work while traveling. The rise of remote job positions allows for doing the work online wherever you might find yourself in the world, as long as there’s an Internet connection. To accommodate their guests properly, hotels that cater to modern nomads also provide strong WiFi, which makes it possible to get to work from your hotel room, hotel restaurant, or even the bar within the building. There’s no reason to shy away from renting hotel rooms for your extended stay in this day and age. You can always check the reviews from the previous guests online if you’re not too sure about a specific place. However, the fact of the matter is that hotels tend to be more convenient and budget-friendly when you have to be on the move frequently, especially when compared to lease-biding apartment rentals and even Airbnbs that have their own schedules to stick to.

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