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Construction is one field where the chances of accidents are comparatively higher to any other fields of work. Some of the major reasons contributing to construction accidents include inadequate safety practices, insufficient training and outdated equipment. Check out the list of some of the fatal accidents.

1. Accidental Falls – Almost 36% of total deaths in construction sites are caused due to falls. A construction worker may accidentally step back near an open-sided floor to result in an injury. Sites with high elevations or stairs with no guardrails can result in catastrophic accidents. Hence, it is advised that the construction workers take every defensive measure to avoid such accidental falls.

2. Struck by object – Construction workers should be trained well before working with automated tools, machinery and vehicles. This can prevent huge number of accidents. But unfortunately not many workers are trained to use reverse vehicle alarms, parking brakes of non-moving vehicles, tool guards, catch platforms, debris nets, personal protection equipment and more – which in turn results in ‘Struck by object’ accidents.

3. Electric shocks – There are major chances of electrocution when a construction worker accidentally touches an electric line or power source with a tool or any other personal equipment. These accidents happen when the worker is totally unaware of overhead powers or underground power lines. For example, a fatal accident can happen when a construction worker carrying a metal ladder hits an overhead power line.

4. Caught in between objects – When a worker immersed in his job, stands in front of moving equipment and a huge object – disastrous accidents can happen. Caught in between objects accidents include workers body compressed, smashed, squeezed or pinched between two or more objects. For example: collapsing materials, equipment rollovers, body caught between unguarded machinery and many more.

5. Vehicle accidents – Construction vehicles are usually huge and extremely dangerous when not handled safely. Some of the vehicles include graders, backhoes, forklifts and dump trucks. Fatal accidents happen when vehicle operator or a person falls from the vehicle or when large trucks back up and hit a pedestrian or when loaded forklift vehicle is raised and turned etc.

6. Musculoskeletal disorders – Construction work demands long standing hours and a lot of physically straining work. This can result in strains and sprains of muscles. It can also cause injuries to bones, joints, nerves and spinal cord.

7. Power and Machinery failure accidents – These accidents include failure of electrical power tools or machinery. Some of the causes include electrical failure, mechanical defect, insufficient training and lack of proper safety gear.

8. Ladder accidents – This is one of the leading causes of accidents. Construction workers tend to use ladders for their daily job but forget to take important precautions. Some of the ladder accidents include: slipping off from the ladder, using a wrong type of ladder, placing the ladder on a slippery or unstable surface, using a defective or poorly maintained ladder etc.

9. Scaffold accidents – These accidents are mainly caused by poor maintenance or improper construction. Some of the other major reasons include workers falling, falling materials, improper operating procedures, environmental conditions, inadequate fall protection, inadequate guidelines, overloading of scaffolding etc. The scaffold accidents can cause serious injuries like spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, internal organ injury, fractures and deep cuts.

10. Excessive noise or vibrating tool hazards – These tools are extremely dangerous and can cause permanent hearing destruction. Excessive noise from noise or vibration tools can lead to hearing damage and can also cause tinnitus. The construction owner or employer should ensure that the workers are aided by ear defenders as a protective gear.

11. The vibration from tools can cause nerve or tendon damage to arms, hands and wrists which can result in total loss of grip. Such symptoms need immediate medical attention to avoid permanent damages.

12. Exposure to irritants – Construction workers are more prone to get exposed to irritants by inhaling toxic gases or any other substances like asbestos dust or carbon monoxide. These irritants can be life-threatening and can cause irreparable damages.

13. Fires and explosions – Construction sites are filled with unfinished pipes, incomplete electrical cables, wires and leaking gases etc. All these can sometimes result in fire or explosion. Such accidents can cause the most expensive damages to workers life.

14. Slips and falls – From construction materials and stray tools to holes and uneven grounds, there are dangers at every building corner to result in trip and fall accidents. Some of the common reasons include wet or slippery floors, broken sidewalks or railings etc. These accidents can lead to damages like bone fractures, cuts, brain injuries, spinal cord damages and in some serious cases it can even cause deaths.

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