2018 has begun, and with it, so has the thirst to achieve. The New Year brings a sense of new beginnings. Everyone around you has probably made New Year resolutions, and a vast majority of them are already breaking them.

According to Forbes, only 8% of people keep their New Year resolutions. Like them, if you also face trouble while keeping yourself in check with your professional goals, habits, weight or fitness plan, we’ve got you covered.

Mentioned below are seven apps that can help you crush your New Year goals and resolutions:


Once just a note-taking app, Evernote has evolved from its essential functions and packed a whole lot of new and interesting features. Now, Evernote has become a goal tracking system, which you can conveniently use on all your devices, be it iPhone, Mac, Windows or Android, keeping everything up to date. You can access it just about anywhere with an internet connection.

According to CNET, 220 million people were using Evernote in 2017. It’s safe to say that this app will be getting bigger in 2018. Evernote lets you save notes, to-do lists, audio clips, photos, shopping lists, PDFs, and much more. It allows to keep up with information in this increasingly digital era.

You can create Goal Summaries encompassing all of your personal and professional goals. You can then separate each goal into detailed notes.

Evernote can be downloaded for free and also comes in a premium package for businesses.


Stay on top of your emails and communication in 2018 with this nifty app. Spark is a hassle-free way to sort your email inbox into personal messages, news, social media notifications, spam and other groups. Once your emails get organized, it is easy to clear up the ones you don’t want sitting in your inbox.

Schedule your emails to be sent later; and follow up reminders will notify you which emails require action. Additionally, Spark allows integration with many other apps including Evernote, Milanote, Trello, Apple’s Reminders, Asana and OneNote.

Sending emails is equally easy with Spark, thanks to the quick reply feature, which allows you to reply to any conversation with the tap of a button.

Spark is currently available for iOS and Mac, while the Android version will be released soon.


Is your goal to save more money this year? You can do it with Mint! Mint is the perfect app for all your financial worries and goals. You can easily keep track of where you spend, how much you spend and what you can save.

Mint keeps a tab on your savings bills, payments and anything else requiring a monetary exchange. You can set up notifications for bills, so you never miss a payment!

My Fitness Pal

Want to shed some weight this year? Or start eating green? Have you decided to go vegan and need to keep a tab on your intake? The ultimate fitness app, My Fitness Pal is the answer to your prayers.

The app keeps track of everything you eat, no matter what cuisine. Its large food database of 5 million foods and their calorie listing allows you to know exactly how much you’re eating. To achieve a task, set a weight goal, and the app will give you an approximate value of how many calories you can eat, depending on your height, current weight, BMI, and exercise routine.



With over 2.5 million users – and growing – Habitica is a daily habit building app that turns your real life into a game. This app can help you reach all your personal and professional goals for 2018. Simply list down the tasks you want to complete every day, and Habitica turns those into a game where you earn rewards, points, get to higher levels, and stay alive by doing your daily tasks.

You can attack monsters and play against your friends. You can even win gear for your character, and random prizes show up on various levels. Going off the track will make you lose points. Once you lose all your points, your character will die, and you’ll have to begin all over again.

All in all, Habitica makes doing chores, work tasks, and daily to-do lists a lot more interesting. Users find this game addictive and, thus, complete their jobs efficiently. The app is available for both iOS and Android.



GoalsOnTrack is a goal setting and management app, based on the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals principle. This app allows you to break down goals into easy to attain tasks and organizes them into sub-goals or milestones. You can even add your own categories.

GoalsOnTrack is laid out like a calendar, and you can quickly add tasks or sub-tasks for any day. This view allows you to see what you have going on in the future. The app comes with an in-built journal, so you can document every detail of your goal and how you achieved it. You can see visible progress on goals as you add them and even see how much time you spent doing a particular task. Here’s how you can use GoalsOnTrack to set and attain weekly goals.

GoalsOnTrack is available for iOS, Android and web, however, you will be required to $68 annually to use it.



ATracker is essentially a time-tracking app. It gives you meaningful insights into how you’re spending your time. Whether you spend it commuting to work, on social media, answering email, watching TV and other daily tasks, the app tracks your time and how long you take.

ATracker helps you manage your time by showing a summary of everything you did in a pie chart. This way, you can ensure that you spend your time focusing on your goals, instead of slacking off. The app’s user interface is minimal and easy to use. It can sync with your device’s calendar, minimizing the need to add tasks over and over again.

Choose one of your predefined goals and start the timer. When you complete the task at hand, turn the timer off. Categorize goals into personal and professional needs and follow them accordingly. ATracker is available for iOS and Android.


Bonus app!

Time Doctor

If you are looking for a web based time tracking app offering a complete time tracking functionality, then Time Doctor is the solution. It provides a number of features like time tracking, screenshot monitoring, apps and website tracking, automatic idle time detection.

Time Doctor helps to keep track of tasks and unproductive things you spend time on during the day. Time Doctor is a really simple time recording tool for solo users and teams.

Did we miss out on any goal achieving app? Let us know in the comments below.

Author Bio: Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well.  She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her at twitter: @Ashrosa2



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