We all want beautiful skin, but when it comes to skincare, then the total skincare routine becomes quite cumbersome. Also, you might hear most of us complaining why one product is working for my friend, then why it’s not working for me.

Well, the truth, my dear friend is that we all have different skin type and different skin concerns. So, the product which is working for your skin might not work for my skin and vice versa. And, therefore, you need to take care of your skin in a unique way. Acne is a common problem and it does leave scars so if you wish to avoid it, then you can go for acne scar treatment.

You can either use functional medicine for acne or contact a Functional medicine acne specialist for the same. They do provide a natural treatment for your skin. If the problem concerns an early acne, I advise you to try a few home remedy treatments mentioned in this article. In this blog, we will discuss common acne scar treatment methods and ways to avoid acne.


Home Remedy for Acne Scar Treatment

Baking Soda is incredibly useful for your skin care regimen, and it can prove as wonder element for acne scar treatment.  Also, it is one of the most versatile product ever.  Baking soda is one of the best powders which has both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and deals with acne breakouts very effectively.

However, before using it make sure that you do a patch test. Otherwise, baking soda might cause irritation to the skin and can also dry out your skin further.

Let’s have a look at Some of the Major Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda.

1. Face mask – It forms a very good face mask for acne.

Ingredients: baking soda, any regular facial cleanser, warm water.

Method: Mix 1-2 teaspoon of baking soda with a facial cleanser and add a small amount of warm water to it. This paste will help to deal with acne, and therefore, people who are suffering from regular acne breakouts can use this paste regularly.

2. Blemish Free Skin – Baking soda and lemon juice have skin bleaching properties. They help in lightening the skin and fading the acne scars. This helps in achieving an even skin tone.

Ingredients: Baking soda, lemon juice

Method: Mix baking soda and lemon juice in equal proportions in a bowl. Apply the mixture all over your face or on the area where blemishes are seen.

3. Clove – Clove is one of the best anti-aging herbs for problematic skin. You can also use it for acne scar treatment. If your skin is regularly suffering breakouts, then cloves should be your best friend. Alternatively, you can also use clove oil on your pimples and acne breakouts.
How to use them
Wash your face with warm water or you can also steam it. Then mix 3-4 drops of clove oil and one tablespoon of coconut oil and apply it all over your face. And wash off with cold water after half an hour.

If you wish to avoid the problem of acne then you can opt for the following, which are perfect ways to avoid acne and save yourself from acne scar treatment.

Wash your Face Daily: This is a complete no brainer. Of course, you need to wash your face daily. Make sure that you use a gentle cleanser at least twice a day. Also, in the middle of the day splash water on your face. Days when you feel lazy or tired, make sure that you have wet wipes beside your bed.

Exfoliate: This is very important. As per your skin type, you should know how much to exfoliate. New York Dermatology group has said, “Exfoliation should be done with caution, and not more than 2-3 times a week maximum”. Oily skin type can use cleansers on a regular basis but use scrubbers maximum three times a week only.

Change your Face Towel: This is very important. Your dirty face towel might attract a lot many bacteria and dirt. Thus, make sure that you use a fresh and light face towel.

Sunscreen Selection: Use sunscreens which will not clog your pores. You must choose oil-free and comedogenic sunscreen formulas. Karen Hammerman, MD from Schweiger Dermatology recommends sunscreen from brands like Elta MD and Peter Thomas Roth.

With this information, you will easily be able to overcome acne issues and also be able to go for acne scar treatment without any aftermath.


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