Air Quality Meters

Air quality is essential to maintain a healthy & comfortable environment. To control indoor air pollution (IAQ) requires appropriate ventilation & air quality sensor to monitor harmful gases. The device ensures healthy air with an efficient HVAC system. 

There are various environmental factors associated with IAQ that impact our health & work performance of the occupants residing inside the building. You might be wondering why IAQ is important? It is estimated that a person stays indoor maximum of the time, so indoor air quality is a major concern. 

IAQ is becoming a prominent factor during the pandemic as everyone requires a clean & healthy environment. Even it has been surveyed that indoor air deteriorates relatively easily, no matter how much one cover & tries to protect. As people spend a lot of time indoors, so sensors become a vital asset to monitor the air status. Moreover, in an organization, employees are satisfied if a good healthy environment is delivered to them. Hence, reduce employee turnover. 

With more awareness, architects, building designers, and facilities managers realize the true value of IAQ. However, while designing the layout or managing the new advanced buildings, IAQ consideration is taken into account. 

Sick Building Syndrome Concern 

In Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), the building occupants are more prone to experience acute breathing problems in the absence of an air quality monitor devices. When neglected by building service professionals, the inner premises contain carbon emissions, which are dangerous to many lives. For the last five years, the significance of IAQ is increasing, and the public getting aware of the safe environment (including quality of air).

SBS highlighted the factors that lead to an unhealthy indoor air environment; let’s know about them:

  • Poor ventilation don’t let the harmful gas to pass and reduce the oxygen level.
  • Unsuitable temperature and high humidity inside the building.
  • When the room contains airborne and chemical pollutants.
  • Ozone emissions from advanced printers & photocopiers in the organizations.
  • Presence of total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs).
  • Presence of Formaldehyde (CH2O), and
  • Pollution from external sources like vehicle fumes, harmful gases released from factories, etc. 

Attention To Green Buildings

Green buildings shower attention to the overall impact of the building process on the environment. The construction of airtight buildings disturbs the IAQ factor as the ventilation system is minimized. Hence, this results in a decline of the fresh air and an increase in the level of harmful pollutants or contaminants. Such constructions neglect the health of occupants, which green buildings ensure on the priority list. 

Health Effects Due to Poor Air Quality 

There are severe health issues due to bad air quality. However, short-term symptoms due to poor air health help us to analyze the need for sensors. Therefore, they can be treated on time:

  • Eyes redness, skin allergy, nose, or throat irritation.
  • Breathing problems due to upper respiratory congestion.
  • Frequent Headaches.
  • Dizziness and Fatigue.

But long-term exposure can deliver an adverse effect on an individual’s health. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more exposure approach to fatal illnesses, such as respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer. Therefore if the long-term exposure to high pollutant levels {like carbon monoxide (CO)} — may lead to immediate death.


IAQ investigation measure pollutant levels inside the building. However, pollutant levels are associated with hourly, daily, and even seasonal fluctuations. With continuous monitoring, the instrument provides correct real-time parameters. The device record IAQ and sow data that is important for air quality management measures. 

Thanks to air quality meters to detect and measure many key factors contributing to the indoor air environment, like temperature, humidity, numerous toxic gases, and compounds.

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