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AJ Burnett Signs 1-Year Deal With The Philadelphia Phillies

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A.J. Burnett does not have to go far.  After signing a one-year $16 million dollar deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.  The 37 year-old right-hander is coming off a less than stellar year win-loss record with the Pittsburgh Pirates at 10-11 record and a solid 3.30 ERA.

Reportedly, the hometown Pirates offered A.J. a 12 million dollar contract, which was obviously trumped by the 16 million he ultimately signed with Philadelphia.

He’s a solid right-handed starter and many teams would love him on the roster, especially since it’s only a one-year deal he was looking.  His overall averages per season include a 13-12 record with an era of 3.99. Still $16 million is a steep price to pay for a pitcher that is looking towards retirement.

In the NLDS last season he made one start and lasted just two innings. His era ended up at 31.50. Burnett is getting paid to perform in the playoffs and only has a record of 2-3 with a 6.37 era. Doesn’t seem that he deserves that amount of money.

Obviously, Philadelphia sees more. After all their salaries for the projected starting pitchers is $76.65 million dollars- including Burnett’s.   $64.5 million is tied to their three top pitchers- Burnett being no.3,  Cliff Lee no.2 and Cole Hamels. The average age of each starter is 34 with Hamels the youngest at 30.

That certain is a lot of money for a starting rotation consisting of three pitchers that are at least 30.

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