Animal testing has been around for a very long time. We as a society have thought why should we hurt humans when we can exploit animals for our own benefit.

Unfortunately, this mentality has been dominant for many years among animal testing supporters. But now animals too are given some rights. We have to take responsibility for our actions. We cannot keep inflicting harm on other creatures that did not choose to become lab rats for the sake of science.

The cruelty that we have placed on these animals is horrible. It is time for us to change and move forward with different methods of testing products. Cosmetic testing on animals is truly the peak of human pride and selfishness.

The Repercussions of Animal Testing

It is horrible the damage we have done to these poor animals. It is estimated that around 100,00 to 200,00 animals suffer and end up dying yearly all around the world. Some of the animals who are put to the test are rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice, and guinea pigs. Dogs, monkeys, and cats are rarely used to test for cosmetic reasons around the world. However, they are used to test different types of chemicals that are still very harmful to them.

There is no version of animal testing in which animal comes out on top. We need to stop this practice because it is animal cruelty!

What Types of Tests are Carried out on Animals?

Tests related to the skin and eyes are usually carried out on animals. Chemicals are placed on the animal after having shaved its skin. Then the product will be rubbed on its skin. When it comes to eye products, the animal is held down, and the chemical is dripped in the eyes of rabbits and other animals. These forms of tests are usually done to check for any kind of irritation. This research usually takes weeks or months of constant use to see all the reactions within a period of time. Researchers would be looking for general signs of illness or specific health hazards, such as cancer or congenital disabilities.

A prevalent test is called the “lethal dose” test. This test is performed to determine the specific lethal dose of such chemicals. The animals are forced to swallow or induce in some manner this chemical into their bodies. This test does not come with a quick and painless death, but quite the opposite! Animals suffer from pain, blindness, severe bleeding skin, swollen eyes, internal bleeding, and usually organ damage. No form of pain relief is provided. If these tests do not kill the animal, the researchers will usually kill it by asphyxiation, neck-breaking, or decapitation.

Why do we still test on animals?

This is a very valid question: why do we need to test on animals when there are numerous non-animal tests that are equally effective and can provide good results?

Companies do have a choice; no one is forced to perform animal testing. However, no one is also forced to do non-animal testing (yet). Animal testing continues to be a massive phenomenon because companies continuously try out new products with new ingredients. Since these ingredients are new, there is no safety data. Therefore companies would require that they get their testing done, and usually, this would be at the detriment of animals.

If companies opt for using the same materials over and over again, then there would be no need to use animal testing because there would already be enough data available. Cruelty-free companies work in this manner. They are thus preventing any harm that might be inflicted on the animal.

The Tide of Change

Animal testing is still a widespread reality in our lives. We should try our hardest to change it. Fortunately, there is a shifting tide. Companies are beginning to realize the ethical problems that come with testing on animals and choose to avert from doing this. Companies like Landproof are leading this moral stance because they believe it is how the world should be.

Landproof is a testing laboratory providing safety when it comes to cosmetic testing. Members of the company itself have engaged in the management of cosmetics testing and in combination with the medical industry for years. This means that their vast knowledge in the medical and cosmetic industries can be applied to perform rigorous and safe testing. Their experience and expertise can ensure that no volunteer is harmed in the process of testing while also providing a high-quality product ready for consumers’ use.

Besides this, there have been countries where animal testing for cosmetics has been outright banned, for example in the European Union. 28 members in the EU have agreed to ban animal testing in their countries. Many other countries – like Israel, India, and New Zealand – have banned animal testing nationally.

There are many movements that are looking to protect the rights of animals, and every little bit counts when it comes to protecting our natural life. The Humane Society International has done wonders in this area. Landproof released a #BeCrueltyFree campaign, where they aimed at raising awareness of countries and companies that still test on animals. In doing so, people will become more aware and conscious of the products they buy. The goal is to encourage people to buy cruelty-free products.


Animal testing for cosmetic products is one thing that should completely stop worldwide. We do not need it anymore. We have different methods with which we can test products. Besides, a lot of ingredients have already been tested. So let’s instead use the elements we have previously analyzed. We do not need newer ones because this will lead to more harm to our animals.

Luckily, several countries have taken a stand against animal testing and are willing to stop; people are recognizing the harsh cruelty these animals are facing. Even companies understand that testing on animals is an old practice. As this movement garners more respect and traction, companies want to change the ways they test their products. Animal testing gives a bad name to all companies. So why tarnish your reputation if you can just avert and use other non-animal testing methods.

We need to keep pushing for more awareness so that one day we can all enjoy more cruelty-free products, where no animal will have to pay the price of a product being safe for consumption.

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