The medical explanation of the snoring is that when the air can’t go through your nose when you sleep, then the air vibrates in there and makes a rattling sound which we perceive as snoring. It happens mainly in soft the tissues in your nasal area and throat. But what are some of the common symptoms, the reason of snoring and how can you eliminate it? Well, this article explains it, so let’s get started!

Snoring And Couples

If you sleep with your partner or even share your room with others, snoring can destroy a relationship as people will naturally feel irritated when they can’t sleep, many couples have reported starting sleeping in different rooms often because of the snoring, which can harm the relationship in the long runs. So it’s better to look for anti snore pillow before its too late.

  1. Memory foam

Memory foam anti-snoring pillows are viewed as the best anti snoring pillow as they give proper neck support during your sleep. It keeps the throat nose open, preventing any potential airways blockage. They are designed for your neck to provide a pleasant position for your neck.

  1. Celliant Sleep by VISCO LOVE US LLC

You can easily customize this ergonomic snoring pillow. It helps people to sleep easily whether they sleep on their back, side or stomach. The visco-versatile is made with material that adjusts itself according to your body and does not put any extra stress. Its Great for people who move too much in their sleep and it help with every single sleeping position. Its comfortable design helps you not to snore much.

  1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow prevents snoring by raising the head a few inches up from your usual sleeping position. Its Firm build prevents you from moving on your back, and you can wash the cover as well.

Using Sleep Calculator To Determine The Quality Of Sleep

A sleep cycle calculator determines the quality of sleep you are getting which is necessary to decide on as well. Because if there any disturbance during your sleep it may cause you to snore as well. The average sleep cycle is an hour and a half long, so a usual full night sleep incorporates five full sleep cycles of 90 x 5 = 450 minutes or 7.5 hours. So do find out about your sleeping patterns using the sleep cycle calculator.

Common Symptoms Of Snoring

  • You wake up with a severe pain or dry mouth
  • You feel very tired during the day
  • You wake up all of a sudden during the night, and most of the times not from bad dreams
  • You wake up feeling a lack of breath

Common Reasons For Snoring

Determining the reason for your snoring is the first step of treating it will decide which treatment way you take. Some of the most common causes are given below.

  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Age
  • Swollen Tonsils

Large Soft Palate or Uvula

  • Nasal Deformity or Injury
  • Sinus Congestion from Illness or Allergies
  • Medication Side Effect
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Sleeping on Your Back
  • Sleep Apnea

How To Stop Snoring?

After deciding what’s causing you to snore different methods and measures can be taken for stopping your snoring.

  • If you sleep on your back, try sleeping on your side
  • track what you eat as often they cause a disturbance in your body system
  • Do some exercise to get more air in your lungs
  • Stop smoking as they lower your lung’s ability
  • Avoid alcohol at any cost
  • Drink more water
  • Do not take sleeping pills
  • Use a humidifier in your bedroom
  • Try anti-snoring nasal strips


Nothing can be as devastating for couples having to sleep separately or even worse, one of them being awake whole night. We have provided some necessary information regarding causes of snoring and how you can treat them as well.  Also, make sure to visit a professional as well.

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