Ever since the arrival of the shopping cart and the golf cart in Fortnite: Battle Royale, the clamor for more vehicle mayhem had been on the rise. These carts give various advantages such as increased durability, faster movement across the map, and all sorts of tricks you can do with the vehicle. As such, players want more than just new Fortnite items (such as skins) in future updates.

Without further ado, here are the vehicles players want to rock & roll in as they play Fornite. Will we be seeing them in the future? Only time will tell.

Dirt Bike

With good speed and maneuverability, the amount of tricks you can do with a dirt bike is certainly way more than other vehicles in-game. It can speed you to the safe zone, and it’s fast enough that you’ll be relatively difficult to hit. Its small frame will also let players go through areas that bulkier golf carts can’t. All in all, it’d be a solid addition, and what would make it even better are side-mounted guns. Running and gunning will never be that awesome!

Hot Air Balloon

While not exactly for traveling long distances, hot air balloons can provide players with an excellent vantage point from the sky. It’s perfect for snipers and stealth guided rocket hits. However, it’s big and quite vulnerable to getting punctured by bullets, which in turn would make you fall. It would also be quite hard to steer or guide to certain directions, making it liable to drift into the storm. Still, it would be an interesting addition, especially when combined with the innate creativity of Fortnite players.

‘Mad Max’ Style Cars

Heavily armored, spiky cars are pretty much the feature of the classic cult film. So you can imagine the chaos and mayhem one of these can cause in the game. Hypothetically, they can be customized according to the player’s preference, either focusing on armor/defense or destruction potential. Just imagine zooming through the island with one of these babies, shooting people from the windows, or running them over outright in true Mad Max style.

The Battle Bus

Near the upper portion of the map (to the west of Lazy Links), there’s a crashed bus. What if you can find components to fix and drive it? In a 50 v 50 scenario, both teams can duke it out with these buses in an epic showdown. Of course, as a large and unwieldy vehicle, it won’t be as maneuverable as a smaller one like the shopping cart. It will only be useful in wide open spaces and where it could fit. If all else fails, it would also provide players with ample cover.

What Vehicle Would You Like?

Because people all have different preferences, there’s going to be disagreements whether or not these vehicles should be added to Fortnite. In a similar vein, there’s going to be other possible vehicles not mentioned in this article. At any rate, here’s hoping these vehicles, in some shape or form, manage to rev right into the game!

Fire up your Fortnite account and enjoy the game!

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