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WWE Rumors: American Alpha set to defend the Tag Titles at Wrestlemania against the Usos


March 19, 2017

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We are still a few weeks away from Wrestlemania 33 and there is still some matches that need to be made. One of them is expected to be the WWE Smackdown Live Tag Titles that will see American Alpha defend the titles against the Usos. It is expected that once this match is officially made in the next few weeks, it will more than likely be added to the pre show card and won’t be on the main card.


American Alpha made there debut last summer and won the tag titles by December on an episode of Smackdown Live. If they decide to go this route, I would like to see the Usos take the titles and have Jason Jordan and Chad Gable chase the belts.They are a very athletic team, but I feel Jordan and Gable should get some sort of change in their gimmick. They remind me too much of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas when they were teamed with Kurt Angle as the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

I would say you let American Alpha chase the belts for a few months and sometime in the summer is when you let them back with the titles. I felt WWE was very premature in putting the belts on them as quickly as they did. It seems that since they have had the titles that they have not connected with the WWE audience. Also it seems that they were not able to get into a legitimate feud with any team.

However, I also put some of the blame on WWE as they have booked these guys how they have been booked on TV as of lately. I also look at it in the sense of you want to add legitimacy to the belts that were introduced after the WWE Draft. Unfortunately, putting the belts on Jason Jordan and Chad Gable as fast as WWE did not add any legitimacy to the belt.

We should know more of the card over the next two weeks as we get closer to Wrestlemania 33 on April 1,2017 from Orlando, Florida. The Inscriber Magazine will continue to provide our readers the best work we can through the website (www.theinscribermag.com) or on our twitter account @WrestlingINSC ( you are more than welcome to give us a follow on there as well by simply clicking the follow button).

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