Playing online slots at VulkanVegas will be a fun and profitable experience, but it is not your only option when it comes to online gambling. Sports betting is just as popular as casino games and you can still win big – in fact, you can win more. Live betting is the most dynamic form of sports betting and has the most competitive odds. In addition, it allows you to fully feel the pleasure of betting: The excitement of live bets cannot be compared with anything else. If you do not know much about live betting, we are ready to help you. Below, you can find all the basics that beginners should know.

What Is Live Betting?

Live bets are the sports bets you place while a match is in progress. In classic betting, regardless of the type of bet, you are allowed to bet until the match starts. Live bets are the opposite: You can only bet during the match. (This is why it is also known as in-play betting.) Another difference is in terms of odds. In classic bets, the odds are fixed and do not change easily: Before the match begins, you can see all the odds offered for different outcomes. Live bets, on the other hand, have dynamic odds. As the match continues, the odds increase or decrease according to the developments in the match. For example, if the start player is injured during the match, this will change the odds immediately. For this reason, if you are going to bet live, you should follow the match very carefully from start to finish. A bet at the right time with the right odds can result in amazing payouts. Likewise, it is possible to get a “cashout” offer at certain moments of the match. You need to watch the matches carefully, both to keep track of odds and not to miss out on cashing opportunities.

How Does Live Betting Work?

Ideally, you should watch the game and follow the odds from the same screen. Therefore, it is important to choose bookmaker sites that broadcast matches. You can watch the odds, offers, and the game on a single screen. As can be guessed, this gives you an advantage – prefer bookmakers that give you this option.

In terms of placing a bet, live betting is almost the same as classic betting. The site’s page uses the same design you already know: The list of matches is on the left side, detailed information about a match is in the middle, and the betting slip is on the right side. Select a match you want to bet from the list on the left and start watching the odds in the middle of the screen. (To avoid distractions, we do not recommend making multiple live bets at the same time.) During the match, you will see the data on your screen constantly changing. You can create a betting coupon at any time by clicking directly on the odds. Remember that you can do all these things from mobile devices too. Some live betting sites even allow you to watch the matches on your mobile phone.

Live Betting Tips & Tricks For Beginners

  • Change your position multiple times during a single match to maximize your potential gains and/or manage the risk you take. In other words, feel free to place additional bets on new opportunities. Only in this way you can manage the risk and minimize your potential losses. Likewise, you can maximize your potential earnings.
  • Do not be emotional: The most important feature of live betting is that it requires you to evaluate multiple possibilities in a very short time and make an accurate prediction. If you get emotional, you can’t think straight. Live bets are similar to using investment tools: You have to manage the risk you take, use methods to maximize your potential profits, and always act with a calm mind.
  • Do not bet on sports that you do not know about. To be able to evaluate developments during a match, you need to know everything about each player. For example, if you can predict how a player might react to a certain event, you can make a much more accurate prediction.
  • If the betting site offers a bonus, remember to use it. Bonuses are available on almost every site and they all give you a financial advantage. Seize every opportunity available.

Finally, if you are new to sports betting, live betting may not be for you. This particular type of betting requires certain knowledge and experience. We recommend starting with classic betting and move on the live bets after gaining enough experience. Good luck!

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