If you are new to the world of search engine optimization, you might be feeling uncertain about several factors that are affecting the performance of your business site. You may be working for months and putting your hours in optimizing your official site, but you do not know whether the hours you are investing will be worth it or not.

Do not worry; a professional business site has been there too. However, you might be tracking only one metric, which is most likely to be keyword rankings. Though hours of optimizations result in improving keyword ranking, you might think you have done your best, but it is not enough for your business site to grow in this competitive market.

Moreover, focusing on one metric would not provide you with the whole picture. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of multiple metrics, and you will get these services from an SEO company or choose SEO tools to do that job for you. Without further ado, let jump in discussing those metrics.

  • Keyword Ranking 

One of the favorites SEO metrics is keyword ranking because the search engine keeps on bragging keywords to understand your business’s niche to drive organic traffic to your site. Your keyword’s rank will tell you a range of things, such as whether you are targeting the right type of keyword or not, or whether your website is growing or not, and many other aspects.

Therefore, you need to understand your site’s real status and take the necessary step to improve your ranking, which means you might have to change your strategies and move towards less competitive keywords.

Thus, it will help you improve your ranking by targeting the right keyword, and it enables you to track your growth. However, if you find it a bit challenging to select the right keyword for your niche, you can hire SEO services to provide you with the right keyword that will help you target the potential audience.

  • Backlink Quality And Quantity 

You will be amazed to know that hundreds of factors can contribute to your website rankings, and it is quite challenging to keep track of all factors, but you do not need to worry about them. Backlinks still have a significant impact on the ranking of your business. Thus, focusing on both the quality and quantity of your backlink and search engine will be able to understand your site accurately and will increase your site reliability.

However, when you notice that you are not getting any traffic from backlinks, that means those backlinks are of low quality. It’s time for you to change your optimizing strategies, and tracking your backlinks will give you essential information such as the effectiveness of your link building strategies, potential sources for building links in the future, and how cost-effective have been your strategies.

  • Organic Traffic 

The main reason behind search engine optimization is to drive potential customers or to improve organic search traffic. When you monitor your overall level of organic traffic, it will show you how effective your SEO strategies have been. Moreover, your SEO efforts will be directly tied to growth in organic search ranking, and it has been the most accurate metrics to check your SEO performance. To keep track of your organic search traffic, you can use the tool that everyone uses, google analytics.

You can analyze your performance from the home dashboard provided by Google. If your organic traffic results are improving, then your strategies are working, and if it is vice versa, you will need to update your strategies.

  • Time Spent On Page

One of the vital metrics of measuring your site performance is how much time visitors spend on your page. Moreover, engagement metrics makes a lot of difference because it helps your site to grow. It means if the visitor spent more time on your website, then it is assumed that they like your content, which makes your site more valuable because it has high-quality stuff.

Moreover, having more time spent on your website means you have satisfied user intent. A user has specific intentions and searches a particular keyword on Google, and they have landed on your page, and spending more time at your site will mean it has satisfied their intent.

The information mentioned above is related to top SEO metrics to measure your SEO performance.

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