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Animal Kingdom: Is There Any Chance Craig’s Job Works?

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While the Cody family operated as a singular unit in season one of TNT’s hit show, which was recently renewed for a third season, Animal Kingdom, things have not gone so smoothly this year. There is some serious tension going on within the family. Baz and Smurf are at odds. Jay is working for both sides. And Baz wants no part in Craig’s new job.

And let’s be honest, can you really blame Baz? Craig is not the brains of the Cody family, he is the muscle. He is the guy who gets to do the dirty work during the job itself. So it should come as no surprise that everyone laughed when they first heard Craig say he was planning a heist.

Before we move forward, let’s get a quick recap on what the big guy is looking to do. He got a job on a yacht as a waiter/caterer. He has scouted said boat, so him and his brothers can hold up those on the boat during a wedding reception that will be taking place out at sea. However, Baz is out and Nicky and Lucy’s brother Marco are in.

So what could go wrong, right? Well, as has been pointed out on the show, quite a lot.

For starters, the entire plan is relying on Craig scouting out everything that could possibly go wrong on the boat itself, as he is the inside man with the job. Given his casual “what could possibly go wrong” type of attitude, he is simply more likely to overlook something in comparison to either Baz or Pope. For example, when it was brought up that most people on the boat

For example, when it was brought up that most people on the boat would be drunk when the heist happened, the point was brought up that people can get confidence when they have had a few drinks. Craig simply shrugged it off by saying no one will want to play hero.

Then let’s factor in the whole point about this taking place on a boat. In the ocean. How exactly do they plan on getting away with bags of cash? Sure one or two of them can take their jet skis, but how much can they really bring back with them? And if any of their signal jamming devices fail, escaping will be quite hard when someone phones it in.

So if that wasn’t bad enough, let’s bring in Nicky and Marco. Nicky, who has never done anything even remotely close to this, is a bit of a loose cannon. She does what she wants. And right now, she really wants a gun. If Craig gets her a gun, that simply spells bad news. If he doesn’t, she is going to be pretty upset during the job itself, which could lead to poor decision making.

Then we have Marco. While we do not know a ton about Lucy’s brother, we do know he is someone the Cody boys really should not be trusting. He likes to push heroine and simply comes off as someone who will turn his back on people to save himself. In other words, he is not exactly a team player.

With no Baz to help control some of these potentially dangerous factors, this plan seems like it is doomed to fail. Based on the preview for next week’s episode, the heist is likely going down next Tuesday. I don’t know about you, but I simply see no way that this plan goes off without a hitch. Something bad is going to go down, and my gut tells me either Deran or Craig are going to pay a heavy price for it.

What do you think? Can Craig’s yacht plan on Animal Kingdom actually work? Or is it destined to fail? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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