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Animal Kingdom: Who is More Likely To Mess Up The Job, Nicky or Marco

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If you are a fan of TNT’s hit show Animal Kingdom, you likley have plenty of questions at the moment. There is plenty of tension between the family at the moment. With Baz hunting down Smurf, it has put Pope and J in awkward spots. As a result, those four are bound to collide in epic fashion before the season ends.

But while there is uncertainty around those characters, everyone knows what is ahead for one character. And that is Craig. Unfortunately for the big man, that future is not looking bright. Why, you may ask? Well, the answer is quite simple. His plan is set to fail miserably.

The plans are meant to be made by Smurf or Baz. Those two are the brains. Craig on the other hand, is supposed to be the muscle. So when he puts together a job, it is obvious that there are going to be some flaws. Some of those flaws involve two members of the crew he has assembled. They would be Nicky and Marco.

So the real question is, which of the two will be the reason the job goes South? Let’s take a look at our contenders.

First up we have Nicky. The girl who was first J’s boyfriend, but then started dating Craig after J dumped her to protect her, has found herself involved in the families business, which is exactly what J wanted to avoid. This will mark her first job.

So for starters, she comes in with a ton of inexperience. While she has held a gun, she has shown she does not exactly know how to use one. J did show her, but something tells me one lesson is not going to be enough for her to become a master.

This leads us to the fact that she wants to have a gun on her during the job. While Craig was against it, my gut tells me she will find a way to get one. She recently went into a gun store (very careless on her part I might add), even though she couldn’t buy one. Now her face will be all over those tapes. Smart move Nicky.

If she manages to get her hands on one, maybe if Craig gives in after she pesters him, she will do something dumb. If someone tries to make a move, she could very easily shoot someone on accident. Her inexperience and carelessness is very likely to bite the Cody family in the end.

But then we also have Marco, who is Lucy’s brother. From everything we have heard about Marco, he is bad news. He pushes hard drugs (heroine). And it also sounds like he only looks out for himself. He also can be a bit of a hothead. As a result, he is not someone I would be putting a lot of faith in.

For starters, he is only in on this job for one reason. He was able to get Deran and Craig to agree to help him move some of his drugs one time. So his services are not free. Sounds like a real stand up guy, doesn’t he?

He is certainly the type of guy who could make a rash decision real quick. And when you’re on a boat surrounded by tons of rich people, that does not sound like a good combo. While Nicky is a risk to accidentally shoot someone, Marco is a real risk of shooting someone on purpose.

At the end of the day, I think Marco is the more likely to do something stupid on the boat. He will do something that angers Deran and Craig, leading to the job going bad. But he is still going to want them to do him the favor they agreed to. And while that will lead to plenty of headaches for the Cody boys, that is when Nicky will go and mess up.

Anything gained from the job, Nicky will not know how to handle herself. She will proceed to do something that will get her brought in for questioning.

So what do you think? Who will mess up Craig’s job? Nicky? Marco? Both? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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