Anime has been introduced in America in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that it gained the prominence it has now. There are two basic causes behind this. Sailor Moon is a small anime series, and Toonami is a Cartoon Network programming segment. Sailor Moon debuted in the United States in 1995. Teenage boys were fascinated by it, despite the fact that it had been extensively modified for American viewers. In short skirts, beautiful, attractive girls of their age fought evil. It’s the first time when sex appeal has been utilized to attract a big audience in their teenage.

IT WAS A SUCCESS! Sailor Moon quickly became the most popular animated show among children aged 10 to 15. Not just it attracts guys, but it also attracted a significant and unexpected female following. Unfortunately, the program was transferred around due to mentioned causes of its success. In factor number 2 for anime’s success, it was eventually able to find a place. Sites such as อ่านการ์ตูน make you able to watch anime.

Where did anime come from?

We have to travel back almost a hundred years to address the point, “Where did Anime begin?” The origin of this art style in Japan.

However, a closer examination reveals that in Japan, any type of animation is known as Anime. While anime was first presented to the international community, it was called “Japanese animation.” But why is there a distinction? We might have traveled back in time and worked it out if we have had time stone. We, on the other hand, do not possess such a stone or ability. Maybe it’s a tribute to this wonderful art form, which has represented exploration and innovation in its own way.

After the success of various anime series in Japan, there are many series introduced to the whole world and released in America too. There are many sites such as มังงะ  allowing users to watch anime of their choice. In the beginning, anime wasn’t so popular as it was only in the Japanese language, and only the people of Japan can understand it, but it becomes popular in America and in another world when they start releasing it in English as English is the mostly spoken language.

Why do people like watching anime?

In a nutshell, it attracts people because it’s adorable, and for people, it is difficult to ignore adorable stuff. It’s attractive as it provides a type of passively escape to a comfortable place for people who are struggling.

With neoteny, there is a lot of anime and manga visitors. Even though they are adults, the scenes display childish characteristics such as large eyes and forehead and indulge in childish behavior, dramatized and immature emotional response. People find such stuff attractive, and they love to watch anime in their free time. You should also watch anime if you never try it before.


Here, you can read a lot about anime and its popularity in America. So, start reading now.



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