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Apple iOS 11 and more from WWDC 2017

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With their two-hour WWDC announcement event yesterday Apple rolled out their latest software across all their devices. Here are a few quick hits on what they’ll be rolling out.

tvOS – Finally Amazon Prime Video is coming to the Apple TV. Another streaming service like Hulu and Netflix, but their original content and catalog stretches a little further. Amazon Prime alone is worth the cost of subscription (10.99/mo or 99/year) but throw in their streaming service and it’ll put them over the top. Prime Video has some catching up to do with the powerhouse Netflix, however, with a boost from Apple and hit shows like Fargo it won’t be long before they lay claim to the streaming business.

watchOS – Apple took a bit from Steve Job’s Pixar roots and added Toy Story characters to their watch faces. Here’s the next step forward in wearable tech. Small personalized customizations will keep users interested in making the product their own. Apple has been slacking in terms of customization for the iPhone, so seeing minor tweaks to the watch is a step in the right direction.

watchOS also is getting a significant update to the “activity” app. With the introduction of monthly challenges, the focus on long-lasting health will be pushed to the forefront. If developers can come up ways to incorporate their apps into Apple Watch, fad “30-day challenges” will push health and fitness to the next level. Throw in two-way data exchange so users can sync their watch to their workout equipment and goal setting is on a whole new level.

macOS- With MacOS High Sierra Apple seems to be getting lazier with their product naming. Even their updates seemed to lack a bit of creativity. Blocking autoplay in Safari is their big reveal? Yawn. However their “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” seems intriguing. With Safari, no longer will what you shop for online follow you to your day to day web surfing. Aside from a slew of editing software upgrades and Metal for VR, macOS lacks any major changes.

iOS – Apple continues to take their war on the wallet seriously. With person to person Apple Pay, iOS 11 can send money via wireless technology. Facebook Messenger has used this feature successfully so far. Apple will integrate this tech which could change the way people shop or vacation in the future.

Siri gets a much-needed facelift in iOS 11. Finally, companies are attacking the language barriers. With an upgrade, ask Siri how to say phrases in one of the OS 5 languages and Siri will translate them for you. It won’t be long before more languages are added and hopefully, companies add a visual read/translate app for the cameras as well.

HomePod – Rumors were true and Apple is taking a shot at the In-Home Assistant much like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Apple again wasn’t the first to bring you technology but the market will surely increase because of it. Much like the tablet and smartwatch market Apple’s introduction into devices improves the market. Even if the product doesn’t take off for Apple, competitors push the envelope to prove to consumers they provide a better alternative. With HomePod “Hey, Siri” can activate music, control HomeKit, and perform an array of tasks. Of course, Apple may have shot themselves in the foot with the price point, but if Apple knows their target audience they know they’ll pay the $349 for the device.
Visit apple.com for the entire list of upgrades and features for the newest wave of Apple Operating Systems. With a new product line expected every September, the latest upgrades show the new direction of smart devices.

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