Presuming you won’t bet more than you can afford, we’ll be happy to let you in on a little secret – when it comes to different types of contemporary gambling, it’s never all the same. Online, judi slot online and sports gambling, betting may be equal in terms of following, but they definitely differ in matters of winning odds.

These are your typical differences between gambling on slots and sports, plus the answer to the question as old as time – when the die is cast, which one pays off more?

Online Slots Advantages and Downsides

You need one look at the popular online casinos to grasp the variety and variance of today’s slot machines. The most beloved slots online can be played by anyone, anywhere, and on every budget. More than that, you can turn the social path and learn how to play free slots for fun – yes, for fun; no cash on the line, just pure spin pleasure.

On the scale from chance to skill, there’s no sliding for online slots. They’ve always been, and always will be, impossible to outsmart with elaborate strategies and Rain Man math. Slots are about pure luck. The only predictable thing about their outcome is that the reels will spin, and that they will stop.

But what about the house edge, you ask?

The house will always have the advantage over you, in online and offline casinos alike. The thing that makes them better than sports bookies is that they are not being coy about it. Everything’s perfectly transparent, with every respectable casino providing an RTP estimate for each online slot they offer.

Sports Betting Advantages and Downsides

The most obvious advantage of sports betting is that there is no house to aim for an edge and make a profit margin on your expense, right? Sorry to disillusion you, but that’s wrong. Honest sports betting bookmakers have a calculated statistical advantage too, it’s only way less apparent than with casinos.

In other words, the greatest advantage of sports betting is pretty much a sham.

If you don’t believe this, think about all the gambling news you’ve read over the years. Every once in a while, another lucky punter emerges from a casino with bags full of jackpot cash; how often do you hear the same fortunate news regarding sports bettors? That’s right. We can’t recall them either.

To further explain this unusual imbalance between casino players and sports bettors, we must introduce another difference between these two popular types of gambling – the instance of chance vs. skill. Though every gambling game is a game of chance, some give you a bit of room for manoeuvring.

Not everyone can bet on sports and win big, don’t you agree?

This is because of many factors that affect the outcome of every sports game, and thanks to many variables that sports bettors must take into account. Should we take soccer as an example, we’d have to talk about the odds in terms of the team’s previous achievements, players’ general fitness and morale, home field advantage, and many more. This is to say, a sports bettor must be well-informed.

To sum it all up, sports betting heavily relies on skill and knowledge, but still manages to produce less winners than online casinos. Need we stress that we owe this to all those backroom schemes that benefit both the sports industry and the bookies? Somebody’s getting rich there, but it sure isn’t us.

The Human Factor (Sticking to What Suits You Best)

The reality of contemporary gambling is that the bettor’s role is to sit and wait until Lady Fortune eventually smiles upon him. Even in the games of skill such as sports betting, your experience and knowledge won’t make any notable difference. With that said, why not stick to what suits you more?

Perhaps sports betting has served you well so far, and we can’t really say anything to convince you to switch to online slots. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Either way, we urge you to play responsibly and to have fun. Luck will decide the winner whatever the case, so don’t let anybody persuade you otherwise.

If you still insist on tipping the scales in your favour, you might try and learn how to win money online, on Prime Slots or other established online slot sites and steer clear of poorly rated ones. Avoid slot machines with low RTP, but also skip online casinos that don’t disclose this type of information at all.

The Final Verdict

To finally answer your question, take it from the pros – contrary to popular belief, online slots currently offer a much safer option when it comes to winning real money. It’s also worth mentioning that they are way more colourful and fun; better yet, there’s no math. Unlike sports gambling, online slot machines give everyone a decent shot at the jackpot, regardless of the player’s spinning experience, skill, or budget.

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