There is a saying as old as time; Home is where the heart is.

It is also where your large chunk of investment lies. Homeownership is, without a doubt, one of the pillars of the American dream. While many cannot afford a home or consciously make the decision not to buy their own home, Arjun Dhingra stresses the importance and significant benefits of purchasing your own home.


The first benefit according to Arjun is the benefits of moving rates in the market. Sometimes the home market values go up or could even go down. While many don’t wish to bank on this, appreciation of home market value is a reality and can prove to be profitable for you.


Arjun describes amortization as “It means you are now cutting yourself a check and not cutting it to your landlord, you are paying down your balance over time because this investment is now yours and you’re working towards that.” This is the perfect way to help investors understand and predict their costs over time.


Tax benefits

Finally, he cites tax benefits as the third reason you must own a home. Taxes are here for a good time, and would only be lost if America decided to rewrite its tax code. Which means not any time soon. Arjun says ‘You now as a homeowner get a tax benefit in the form of a mortgage interest deduction which means you have money coming back to you in the form of a refund each year or it’s gonna help offset your tax liability if you’re in a position where you normally owe taxes every year.’

According to Arjun, the first benefit might not be assured for many as it is not reliable. However, amortization and tax benefits can not be changed and are undeniable irrespective of what is happening in the market. He believes two out of three is not a bad option and it should be enough to change your mind and think about owning your own home.

Arjun resides and operates his real estate and mortgage business in the Bay Area, San Francisco. He has a prior experience of 20 years in the American market. Arjun has a different approach in dealing with clients and relies heavily upon the value in services, honesty, and financial literacy of the client in order to make sure that all decisions made are not regretted later. Arjun is the perfect choice for all those looking for a game-changer in the market who values clients’ opinions, financial situations and provides the real picture. That is the sole reason for his rising popularity and vast following on the West Coast.

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