There is nothing more satisfying than passing that test with flying colors or achieving a huge business milestone. You can certainly have the world at your feet, if you put in the right amount of dedication and effort.

Andrea Samantha seems to have conquered all horizons she set her sights on. Her concerted efforts in achieving her objectives never failed to pay off. Despite encountering a few challenges along the way, Andrea emerged more determined than ever. As a private coach, she wants to direct her team on a path she’s confident will guarantee success for them.

Growing up in Ohio to a conservative household, Andrea always knew she wasn’t like the rest of her family members. Independent and strong-minded, she was set to pave the path on her own. From a very young age, she strived to remain diligent in her efforts to see her dreams come to life.“My mom stayed at home with me and my sister and my dad worked 9-5. He taught us work ethic and that nothing is handed to us. We didn’t have the best relationship, because I am independent and they were more traditional. I was homeschooled until high school and then attended a small private Christian school.”

At 18, when she started working as a hairstylist at an Aveda Salon, several avenues opened up for her. As her clientele continued to grow, she was determined to make a name for herself. Andrea soon dived into the entrepreneurial world with her wedding hair and makeup business and an Etsy shop. “Being a hairstylist, I was commission-based, so I’ve always had to be on my game to grow my clientele and be the base to maintain them. I’m a creative, so I’ve dabbled on Etsy and had my own wedding hair and makeup business before starting MONAT in direct sales.”

Nothing was holding Andrea back when she joined MONAT global as a network marketer. She successfully made one million in commissions and quickly earned her way to the top as a million-dollar income earner. She eventually entered the coaching industry owing to her passion for seeing young talented individuals become top sales performers.

Her endeavors so far have equipped her with several income streams, allowing her to allocate her time to different projects and new goals wisely. Andrea hopes to instill the same value system that helped her reach new heights among her trainees.



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