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Here’s How You Athleisure Can Redefine Your Fashion Statement

How many times have you longed to hit the office with your comfy track pants but refrained because it’s not acceptable? That happened too many times to count, right? Well, now thanks to the rise of athleisure you no longer need to push your favorite sportswear away. The biggest fashion trend of this year is Athleisure with everyone from Kim K to the Hadid sisters flaunting it with élan. Gone
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Here’s How Nike Is Revolutionizing The Athleisure Trend In Fashion

One of the most significant trends in fashion and retail world today is the surge in the popularity of athleisure. Athleisure refers to athletic apparels which people can wear in non-athletic settings. Think of CEOs wearing sneakers to board meetings and women wearing yoga pants in non-athletic backgrounds. Athleisure also known as athletic-casual wear is increasingly becoming acceptable for utilization in a plethora of social occasions as a result of