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Here’s How You Athleisure Can Redefine Your Fashion Statement

How many times have you longed to hit the office with your comfy track pants but refrained because it’s not acceptable? That happened too many times to count, right? Well, now thanks to the rise of athleisure you no longer need to push your favorite sportswear away.

The biggest fashion trend of this year is Athleisure with everyone from Kim K to the Hadid sisters flaunting it with élan.

Gone are the days when fashion’s only function was to make you look great. There is an increasing focus on mixing fashion with functionality. Add to that the health-conscious mindset of the millennials and you get the perfect mix of comfort and style in the form of athleisure.

While the world gets increasingly obsessed with this streetwear meets haute couture style, it is high time you get some athleisure spin to your fashion statement. Wondering how you can play around with athleisure to look as sassy and cool as ever? Read on to find out how you can incorporate athleisure to redefine your style statement.

Draw attention to your figure: From LBDs to casual blazer for men, clothes that accentuate the figure have always been much loved by the fashion-forward population. The oversized hoodies and loose tees might give you the idea that you are letting go of all form-fitting clothing.

There are clever ways of bringing out your best features even through athleisure clothing. Go for sleek leggings and tights with those oversized tees or a snug fit top with loose joggers and you are set for the day.

Go for the soothing pastel shades: Black has always been a darling among the fashionistas of the world and it is indeed a safe bet to go for when it comes to athleisure. But when it comes to staying off from the well-beaten path, pastels are the new black. The pastels are perfectly soothing to the eyes for the spring and summer and they add the delightful brightness to cheer up your winter and autumn ensemble.

Go for color blocking such as using bright red against a pristine white if you want to make a bold fashion statement. If you are planning to go for a subtle shift from the typical athleisure style, pick out shades like baby blue, soft pink, lavender, and greens.

Incorporating the trend in footwear: Incorporating athleisure does not imply just changing your daily outfit choice. It extends to trying out different footwear to go with those outfits. As you can well guess, white sneakers are the best buddies of your athleisure clothes.

Sneakers are the staple of this style and these are must-haves in your closet if you planning to embrace the trend. Right from a busy day at the office to completing daily errands, simple white sneakers can go a long way in giving you a suave style and lasting comfort. If white is too dull for your daring tastes, go for something colorful in neon to go with the black joggers and monochrome tees.

The right jackets to jazz up your style: Jackets are a must add-on to your wardrobe if you are planning to take the athleisure route. Layering has always been in on the fashion scene and athleisure is no exception to the rule.

Go for the jackets with boxy shapes that remind you of a sporty version of a bomber jacket. Combine it with a fitted top and bottom wear and you will not have to worry about looking like you are heading to watch a soccer match.

Adding the twist of style to hoodies and sweatshirts: If the plain hoodies no longer have your heart, ditch them to go for something more interesting. Get the cool girl vibes in a boat neck sweatshirt or go for a cropped hoodie if you want to show off your toned midriff.

The other alternatives are criss-cross hoodies and twisted front sweatshirts. When you are trying to redefine your style by athleisure, it seems only fair that you would not want to stick to those hoodies that you piled up in high school.

The final touch of Accessories: Accessories are the finer details that add the touch of panache to your look. Want to bring a touch of elegance to your sheer leggings look? Carry a classy tote. Looking for something to ramp up those asymmetrical tops? Go for a pair of aviator shades.

Even chunky necklaces and cocktail rings look amazing with athleisure outfits. It will not be an exaggeration to say that whether you look casual or classy depends a lot on the accessories you decide to wear.

Making the right cut: Accessories and colors are not the only things in creating your inimitable athleisure approach. You can add variation to your outfit through changing the pattern, shape, or texture. The first thing that is noticeable in the rising athleisure trend is a love for asymmetry. Go for different lengths in the neckline and hemline. You can also go for unique patterns like strategically placed stripes.

The fabric also tells a different story in the current trend of athleisure. Though velvet is not something you associate with sportswear, it is ruling the fashion charts of the trend. The scope for experiments is boundless when it comes to the cuts, patterns, and fabrics.

The athleisure is one trend that is here to stay thanks to all the love it has been receiving from all quarters. So, it is high time to keep up with the trend by bringing some fresh new changes to your wardrobe.

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