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Here’s How Nike Is Revolutionizing The Athleisure Trend In Fashion


June 7, 2018

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One of the most significant trends in fashion and retail world today is the surge in the popularity of athleisure. Athleisure refers to athletic apparels which people can wear in non-athletic settings.

Think of CEOs wearing sneakers to board meetings and women wearing yoga pants in non-athletic backgrounds.

Athleisure also known as athletic-casual wear is increasingly becoming acceptable for utilization in a plethora of social occasions as a result of which the consumers are quickly catching to the trend. The company which is leading the charge in the world of athleisure is Nike. It always reminds you what to do it in the world of sports.

However, with changing times, Nike has entered the world of athleisure and is leading the charge.

Athleisure is the latest industry game changer in retail: It is an interesting fact to note that the rise of athleisure has often been downplayed by various analysts who believed at that time that it was just a fad.

However, the present numbers indicate something different.

As per a survey conducted by the NPD Group, the US customers have spent 324 billion dollars on footwear, apparel, and accessories in the year 2014. It is also important to note in this context that this consumer spending was mainly on activewear and athletic performance bags and footwear.

Why are the customers increasingly becoming interested in athleisure wear? They are becoming increasingly interested as part of the reason is connected to the surge of fitness-conscious customers who view athletics not only as a hobby but also as an all-round development. Another reason that can be stated is in the form of the fact that individuals now prefer comfortable outfits even when it is supposed to be functional.

Nike- rapid expansion toward the athletic wear market of women: It is a commonly observed fact that Nike is a global titan in the athletic wear market. This is the reason that it makes sense that Nike is slowly moving into the growing athleisure space. To be specific, Nike is increasingly concentrating on women’s athleisure wear market. It is associated with the manufacture of fashionable and comfortable clothes and footwear.

This is the reason that it’s new product designs are a huge hit among women who like athleisure.

It is also important to note that Nike is blending a variety of classic materials like spandex and polyester to make athleisure outfits comfortable and practical at the same time. They are also making use of innovative manufacturing techniques in such a manner that these materials are woven for the manufacturing of sweatshirts, shirts as well as vests. In this context, it is important to note that these vests, as well as sweaters, offer both function and form.

Innovations by Nike in the world of athleisure: Since long, Nike is considered as one of the pioneers in the world of sports apparel. However, with its entry into the world of athleisure, it is firing on all cylinders to ensure that it’s product line always appeals to the likes of probable customers.

Let’s take the example of AeroReact material.

This material can quickly detect when the wearer is about to start sweating and has the ability to loosen itself up before the onset of sweating. Hence, it is evident that comfort is the king with athleisure clothing and this is the reason that it fits the bill.

The marketing campaigns of Nike: Concerning marketing, Nike is making a significant impact on the women’s market with a hashtag also known as #BetterForIt. It is one of a kind of marketing campaign introduced by Nike as it features everyday women rather than including professional athletes or supermodels.

An even more significant asset lies in the fact that there are 70 million women connected to the brand online community. This, in turn, has provided Nike with a sizable audience of buyers who are primed to purchase the new gear of Nike in the form of athleisure. As per a top brass in Nike, the brand plans to grow women’s sales by around 40 percent by the end of 2018.

The effect of the athleisure trend on Nike: Over the last two months, the shares of Nike are up by 40 percent. This is the reason that investors who are not so keen on this latest trend are at a higher risk of missing out on some lucrative opportunities. Let’s take a look at the top product lines offered by the brand which it calls can be a game changer in the world of athleisure.

The Lunar Epic sneakers from Nike: As per athleisure experts, this pair of sneakers can also be called as a sneaker-sock hybrid. It is also known as a lifestyle shoe and can take a sock-free notion to the next level. It is a minimal feeling shoe which is great to use under any circumstances.

The Free RN Motion: This sneaker from the house of Nike can turn the midsole into a dynamic and flexible component which can adapt to the movements of the body. It is that kind of innovative sneakers that features the revolutionizing Flyknit material developed by Nike.

It is that kind of sneakers which ought to be loved by gym enthusiasts as well as athleisure lovers.

Nike is increasingly leveraging on the athleisure market, and this is the reason that in future, athleisure enthusiasts would witness revolutionizing apparels.

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