Are you ready for a date with beautiful San Francisco Escorts? The girls themselves share tips on how you can be sure to be a gentleman. In San Francisco, spending an evening with a gorgeous escort is becoming an increasingly popular idea of the perfect night out.

When dating apps just don’t work, people often turn to San Francisco escorts as a way of finding companionship, romance, and a fun evening.

But many of these people often don’t know how to behave, not out of ignorance but inexperience. Which is completely understandable. Unfortunately, mainstream media often depicts escort girls as less than classy. In today’s age, this is so far from the truth.

Modern-day San Francisco escorts are trained professionals in companionship and are skilled in conversation, manners, and bedroom action. So we’ve asked these San Francisco escorts how you can come prepared and be sure to act a perfect gentleman, on your next escort date.

The dos and don’ts from San Francisco Escorts on how to be a gentleman

The dos

●        Relax

One way to start on the right foot is to remember to breathe. When you’re too nervous, you might block yourself from thinking about things like what to say or do, in turn, awkward silences will abound. When you relax and stay calm, then your San Fran escort can as well, and the evening will go even better than imagined.

●        Make Conversation

Making conversation with your California escorts is a simple gesture but one that goes a long way. No one likes uncomfortable silence, so simple casual talk (or deeper more meaningful subjects if that’s your thing) is highly appreciated. Not only is speaking with your escort polite, but it also naturally opens the door for questions like “what are your fantasies” and “how do you like it?”.

●        Have good hygiene

This one is obvious, but sometimes we all need reminders on the simple things, especially if we are nervous or excited. Escort girls say that arriving at your date clean, well dressed, and smelling good, can make a world of a difference when it comes to their pleasure.

Of course, the evening isn’t about them, but most men prefer when their date is also enjoying themselves and in a good mood right? Bad hygiene can prohibit that from happening.

●        Be Flirty

San Francisco escorts are professional flirters! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t flirt as well. The flirtier the better I always say. Flirting will help get all parties in the mood and will also create an atmosphere that is light, friendly, and welcoming.

The do nots

●        Don’t rush things

One thing that will surely sour the mood on your California escort date night, is rushing through it. If you’ve booked an escort girl for a set amount of time, don’t rush to any events in the first few minutes. Take your time and let your beautiful San Francisco escort work her magic and the night will be much more enjoyable and pleasurable for everyone.

●        Don’t get too personal

It’s fine to talk about yourself as much as our heart desires, but aside from small talk, don’t pry too much about the life of your escort date. Remember to keep things casual and don’t spoil the moment or break the fantasy of it all.

●        Don’t be disrespectful

This one might also seem obvious, but it’s perhaps the most important. Don’t talk to your escort in a way that you wouldn’t talk to any other woman you meet. Unless you two are role-playing and dirty talk is your thing, talking down to or insulting your escort is not cool.

The best way to create a space that everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable in is to, as always, be kind and be respectful.

●        Don’t forget that the night is all about you

And finally, don’t forget that your date with high-end San Francisco escorts is all about you. It’s your time to shine and your time to make all your fantasies come true. While following a few rules for good manners and being a gentleman will help your escort do her job as best that she can, in the end, the night is up to you.

Escort girls suggest that while they appreciate men putting them first, it’s more important to focus on your pleasure and your own needs both emotionally and physically. A date with San Fran escort girls shouldn’t work. Let them do their job, relax and enjoy the evening, you gentleman you.



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