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5 Skills Required To Be a Successful Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is a very competitive business venture considering the number of such related enterprises in operation. Therefore, for one to be successful and outshine their competitors, they need skills that will enable them to be all round and prospective fashion designers. The existing and new entrants into fashion designing have their unique skill-sets and so does an individual willing to venture into fashion designing. Remember, even when buying a
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8 Proven tips to increase Followers and Engagement on Instagram

Instagram is extremely popular among marketers with ambitions of promoting their products. This is because of the high number of Instagram users particularly those interested in knowing more about brands. However, running Instagram business accounts is no easy task as it may have insignificant impact on the business if no one sees the posts. Research reveals that about 70 percent of Instagram users actually miss out on Instagram feeds. As
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Wellness: Importance of Practicing Mindfulness to Overcome Addiction

Practicing mindfulness makes it easier for substance abuse addicts to deal with their addiction problem. Addiction makes a person act on autopilot. Reaching for the next fix or bottle of alcohol becomes a mindless activity. There are many ways that substance abuse victims can use to cure their addiction problem. Test Country blog provides various treatment programs that can help drug users. Practicing mindfulness is another proven strategy that helps