Instagram is extremely popular among marketers with ambitions of promoting their products. This is because of the high number of Instagram users particularly those interested in knowing more about brands.

However, running Instagram business accounts is no easy task as it may have insignificant impact on the business if no one sees the posts. Research reveals that about 70 percent of Instagram users actually miss out on Instagram feeds. As such, creation of engaging content on Instagram increases business visibility through content promotion.

1. Sticking to Content Strategy

Promotion of a given brand through Instagram and building product awareness requires the business to post regularly on the platform. It is important to consider posting at least once every day so as to maintain frequency and make the business products more visible on Instagram.

The promotion of content strategy is enhanced through creation of better content, saving time, planning ahead, and building an ideal calendar. A business also needs to remain flexible and be appropriately reacting to breaking news as necessary.

2. Try the use of User-Generated Content (UGC)

This is a powerful Instagram tool for marketers that enable them to improve efforts and save time in light of grabbing the attention of the customers. It is said that UGC is over 75 percent more trustworthy compared to brand advertising, thus critical in the attraction of new customers.

The use of UGC enhances authenticity, and this explains why it is becoming popular among many customers. A business may use the UGC tool by tagging customers on the photos they post. This satisfies their ego and willingness to buy.

3. No Chase for Instagram Likes

Of course, businesses with Instagram accounts can buy Instagram followers and likes

Many are times when Instagram users are obsessed with comments and likes when they share posts. Clearly, the comments and likes on various social media sites have been associated with provocation of positive receptors in human brains, which leads to establishment of loyalty among customers.

Increasing the likes and comments on Instagram will be enhanced through engagement activities such as liking photos, commenting on posts, voting on polls, watching stories, tagging people, and sharing their photos with credit.

4. Regular Use of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are successful features that boost the number of followers and their engagement on the site. This is witnessed through continuous posting and watching of the posted stories, which boosts the engagement of the Instagram users regarding a given brand. Instagram stories boost engagement through providing better visibility, driving traffic to business website, and keeps news feed relevant.

5. Identifying when the Audience is Online

The rate of engagement is directly proportional to the number of people viewing a given post. Posting while the audience is active elicits reactions among the audience such as likes and comments. It is very important to identify the optimal time when most of the followers are active as it increases the chances of viewing the post and consequently engagement.

6. Being Current with Trends

The engagement of followers requires one to clearly understand the current trends because they provide new ways of grabbing the attention of the audience. The current trends usually involve a short-lived content, and thus viewers are quick to watch and talk about it because they do not want to miss important stories.

Therefore, being at par with trends on social media makes a business to stay a step ahead of the competitors and enhance engagement and trust among followers.

7. Collaborating with Influencers

In advertising, word-of-mouth is largely influential that online content of a brand. Over 77 percent of people will greatly trust reviews from families or friends. These are the influencers and they are powerful in affecting the decision to buy by the Instagram followers.

Therefore, collaborating and establishing good relationships with them boosts engagement regarding a given brand. Establishment of long-term relationships with influencers requires regular communication with them, watching their stories, and turning on post notifications.

8. Identification of Hashtags

Hashtags form a core of Instagram. It is essential for a business to use good hashtags that help in the identification of the business and product qualities. These hashtags related well with the audience. Good business hashtags involve a given brand, post, location, or tagline, and they earn the post more likes and more engagement among the followers.

Wrapping it Up

Engagement in stories for Instagram business accounts is essential in gaining more followers and remaining abreast among the clientele. The level of engagement in Instagram may be enhanced through posting more stories regarding the business, brand, and products.

Through this, even the Instagrammers who are not among the list of followers is able to watch the activities of the business.

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