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Wellness: Importance of Practicing Mindfulness to Overcome Addiction

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Practicing mindfulness makes it easier for substance abuse addicts to deal with their addiction problem. Addiction makes a person act on autopilot. Reaching for the next fix or bottle of alcohol becomes a mindless activity.

There are many ways that substance abuse victims can use to cure their addiction problem. Test Country blog provides various treatment programs that can help drug users. Practicing mindfulness is another proven strategy that helps people with addiction problems.

Let’s have a look at how practicing mindfulness helps an addict to overcome the problem.

1. Mindfulness Helps You to Focus on What is Happening Right Now

Addictions start when a person experiences something that brings them good feelings. Any time a person abuses a drug or alcohol, it’s because they remember how they felt before, and want to have the same feeling again.

Also, a habit becomes strong overtime due to either positive or negative effect. We can develop a strong desire to experience a positive feeling over and over until the addiction pattern is broken.

According to Test Country blog, addiction makes a person lose their senses and close their eyes to the negative effects that come with drug abuse.

Anxiety, depression, anger issues are some of the few problems that make people turn to drinking or taking drugs.

Practicing mindfulness enables you to “live in the moment”. Substance abuse users have an addiction problem because they find it hard to think of any other thing except the substance they abuse.

They are always looking for a way to satisfy their craving. Being mindful helps the suffering addict to focus on the moment. The person will then deal with the feelings they are experiencing.

2. Mindfulness Helps an Addict Learn How to Deal With the Craving

An addict usually has a strong craving for drugs or alcohol. Test Country blog explains that an addict is usually convinced that the only way they can be happy is by taking drugs. And this contributes to a higher craving for the drug.

By practicing mindfulness they are able to understand and deal with the craving.

Recovering addict will know what sets off their need to for a drug or drink. They can then train themselves how to avoid strong desires, and handle their feelings.

Ultimately, they will terminate the addiction cycle when they learn how to avoid giving in to their cravings.

3. Mindfulness Makes You More Conscious about Your Emotions

Practicing mindfulness increases your self-awareness. This allows you to know your personality including motivations, strengths and personal voids. If you’re self-aware, it is easy to reclaim inner resilience. With self-awareness, you can deal with negative emotions which will boost your resilience.

People who take drugs often have an underlying reason that keeps pushing them to the problem. These are mostly issues that leave an inner and unconscious void in the addict that needs to be filled constantly.

Being present as you learn about your discomforts, makes mindfulness an effective way to help recovering addicts.

An addict will no longer feel the need to use substances to numb the pain and anxiety in life.

4. Mindfulness Makes You Believe in Your Capabilities

Life is full of stressing factors that affect our moods and make us feel like we don’t have the strength to avoid our addictive cravings.

However, mindfulness makes us realize the power we have within us and develop faith in our capabilities.

This means that we believe that facing our challenges in life is possible. It happens because mindfulness allows us to focus on the present moment without judgment and with a compassionate heart.

We start eliminating the bad habits in our life that led to addictions since we are motivated to live a more fulfilling life.

5. Mindfulness enables us to Reach Our Full Potential in Life

Mindfulness increases self-actualization. When you’re mindful, it allows you to accept that you have individual shortcomings. But you also realize that they don’t make you a lesser person. You remain focused to achieve your goals in life and you are not in a rush to arrive at your destination.

So suffering addicts will get prepared to work as much as it takes to achieve their desires. They will avoid negative thought patterns as they work towards their greatness. In the process, they will heal addiction since they’ll become a new person.

In Summary

Being mindful is all about learning how to deal with your emotions so that you can continue pursuing the right things in your life. What’s more, practicing mindfulness will help your mind to learn new ways of doing things, especially the tough situations. This will help to break the cycle of addictions for those with this.

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