4 Payment Gateway Integration Methods that you must Know

Whether you own an event management company, a travel website, an online store or any website that involve visitors performing online transactions, it is necessary to have a payment gateway. Most people associate a payment gateway with services like Authorize.Net or Paypal. In reality, these are payment gateway service providers and not payment gateways. A payment gateway is a place on the website where a business transaction can be performed.

Cancer: 7 Things to Know About Managing Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medicines that are designed to attack the rapidly growing cancer cells in the body. However, unfortunately, these medicines can also attack other cells in your body, including those in the hair roots. Chemo can often cause hair loss all over the body, not just on the scalp. Sometimes the eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit hair, other body hair also fall out during chemo. Some chemo treatments are more

Cancer Survivors: 6 Tips for Staying Healthy

Cancer is a group of diseases where cells growth is abnormal and spread in other parts of the body. Cancer is a chronic disease and demand more time, money to cure. There are many types of cancer specially lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer etc. Cancer cells develops in human body and spread in other body parts. Cancer treatments require more care, treatment is also very costly and can be

Reasons That Prove Mathematics Is An Important Subject

It may seem like mathematics problems possess a genuine usage in life, this couldn’t be afar from the truth. Math is formidably significant in students lives and without realizing it, they use the concepts, as well as the skill sets we learn from working out math problems, on a daily basis. The mathematical laws rule everything around us and without a fine understanding of these concepts, one cannot confront significant
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10 Super Foods To Boost A Healthy Diet

Super foods are the foods that contains the high volume of nutrients. Tomatoes, kale, kelp, blueberries are known as super foods as are having many health benefits. By intake super foods, helps to make a super diet, a diet which gives us vitamins, fiber, zinc, copper and many more nutrients. In fact, there are no criteria not define the super foods. Foods that contains high level of antioxidants are super

Super Healthy Foods You Simply Must Eat Every Day

Healthy food simply refers to a food from which we get nutrition, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates which our body required for good health. Healthy Food saves us from many diseases, and makes us mentally relaxed as we know we are taking healthy food as its good for our body. Healthy food keeps us healthy, fit and active and can live healthier. We live a good and long life if we intake
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What Can a Language Activist Teach Us About Learning Languages?

Jonty Yamisha: Passionate About Language Learning Interested in learning a language? There are literally thousands of online language programs at your disposal, however we don’t know of any – except one – that was created by a language activist. Jonty Yamisha, founder of OptiLingo and the groundbreaking Guided Immersion method didn’t set out to create a program to help those interested in learning a new language with greater confidence and