Whether you own an event management company, a travel website, an online store or any website that involve visitors performing online transactions, it is necessary to have a payment gateway. Most people associate a payment gateway with services like Authorize.Net or Paypal. In reality, these are payment gateway service providers and not payment gateways.

A payment gateway is a place on the website where a business transaction can be performed. It is almost like the cashier’s desk. As your business is online, it is not possible to perform a physical transaction. The website performs the task for you.

Payment gateway handles important transactions on the website. It is necessary to make sure that the entire transaction is carried out seamlessly. To make the best selection, you need to know the different options and kinds of payment gateway integration.

  1. Easy checkout method

It is a very basic payment gateway integration type. In the simple checkout method, the fee gateway is incorporated as an outside service. When the customer purchase or buy now button on the website, the customer will be connected to the website of payment gateway service provider like PayU, Authorize.Net, Paypal, etc. to perform a safe transaction. It is the simplest method to incorporate payment gateway into a website.


  • The website does not require being PCI acquiescent.
  • There is no necessary to take of payment gateway.
  • The website owner does not have to worry about security concerns.

Who can utilize simple checkout method?

Simple checkout method is an ideal solution for small individual businesses like paid subscriptions, paid survey forms or home owned business, etc.  Many WordPress plugins that include payments like Ultimate Auction, Event Espresso, WooCommerce, etc. have this method integrated within the plugin. If you have a WordPress website, you can also utilize an individual plugin.

  1. Direct post method

In the direct post method, the form that accepts payment details and customer information are assisted from your website server. But still the details will be redirected to a safe payment gateway and the eventual transaction is performed. Customer information will not be handled on the website.  Direct Post Method helps in enhancing the brand of the business in the transaction workflow. It can be integrated using existing plugins in WordPress.


  • You do not need to have a PCI acquiescent website.
  • Branding is maintained.
  1. Onsite Payment- Server Integration Method

SIM or Server Integration Method is another popular method. It offers you a choice to manage transactions on your website though payment gateway service provider handles the actual processing. All the forms get displayed on your website. All the steps like data submission, payment data collection and response to the client will be handled by the payment gateway service provider in a secure transaction process. However, the customer will not be aware of this. It permits a merchant to design the feel and look of the receipt page and payment form.


  • It allows maintaining sensitive data of the customers.
  • Improves branding.

Who can utilize Server Integration Method?

It is utilized mostly by large and medium scale businesses with a firm brand. The business owner has to pay a certain sum to be PCI acquiescent. It is worth to redirect your customers to another website. It is the latest method for various payment gateways. There are not many plugins present in WordPress. But still, top payment gateway service providers can be utilized to integrate this method.

  1. Advanced Integration Method

AIM or advanced integration method permits you to host own secure payment system on the website and drive transactions to payment gateway utilizing the end to end SSL connection. Shopping cart developers usually employ this method. In this method, the merchant will fully control the entire stages of online transaction experience of the customer.


  • Full control over customer’s transaction
  • Connecting to payment gateway requires to performed only once

Who can utilize the Advanced Integration Method?

This method is mostly utilized by enterprise level businesses. But still, it does not mean that you can integrate the Advanced Integration Method on your website.

To integrate this method, you need to have knowledge of advanced scripting technique. But you can search for plugins too.

Tips to select the best payment gateway for your business

It may sound challenging to select an appropriate payment gateway for your business. If you are choosing the popular ones, you would notice their transaction costs very high. If you focus on the smaller one, they have low transaction charges and also comes with great features. But, it is not recommended to choose a payment gateway on the basis of charges.

Select between transaction charges or setup fee: If your business is a startup or new company in the industry, you would not prefer to pay the starting setup fee. It will be charged on a yearly basis and it may take some time to develop your business. If you are in this situation, you can choose a payment gateway that does not request any setup fee. There are chances for such companies to charge higher transaction charges. So, ensure to check the transaction charges.

If you are a well-known business brand with sufficient budget for promotion, you can choose a Payment Gateway with reasonable transaction charges.

Decide whether you require automatic billing maintenance: If the service or product you are selling requires a subscription, it is necessary to select the payment gateway that permits automatic payment of recurrent plans.

Do you offer services to overseas customers: If you are serving overseas customers, you need to check whether your payment gateway permitspayment via international/foreign debit cards.

The reputation of the payment gateway: It is necessary to check their reputation in order to begin an association with your potential customer.

Customer support: Ensure to connect with the customer support team of payment gateway service provider over holidays to find out their availability and technical capability.

These are some of the best payment gateway integration methods and tips to know when choosing for your business. It is best to choose an option that is suitable and convenient for your business.

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