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First Date Nightmares! Don’t Get “The Short End Of The Stick”!

I have had several of my own nightmare online first dates. Such as, the man I went out with, whom, I then consequently saw on an episode of “Evil Twins” on the Investigation Discovery channel; As well as the man who claimed to be a foreign diplomat….. needless to say, he wasn’t!! I will be sharing these stories in future articles, but right now I would like to share with
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Dating: How To Get LAID Online And Live To Tell The Tale!

As of 2017, there were 110.6 million single people in the United States alone, this according to the U.S. census. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are an estimated 8,000 dating sites worldwide, as of 2018. In light of the kidnapping and murder of University of Utah student, McKenzie Lueck, just last month, June 2019, I thought it was important that we go over some online dating statistics and
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Dating: Don’t Be A Lame-Ass Man While Dating Online!

  I get it, we all get it, you are (at least let’s hope so) a single man, and you are feeling empty and alone. You are horny - have not been laid in…… (fill in the blank). So you head on over to Plenty Of Fish,, or eharmony, open an account and fill out your profile. Then the browsing among the Smorgasbord of women begins. Black, white, beige.