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Top 3 Ways to Find Your Perfect Swinging Partners

You’d think that swingers were a peculiar breed of people who lived outside the realms of what most people call reality. The truth is, swingers are everywhere, and their lifestyles and states of mind are perfectly in tune with today’s standards of modern living. As someone who’s new to the idea of swinging, one of the first questions you're wondering about is where you could find someone to live out
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3 Surprising Benefits of Regular Sex for Women of a Certain Age

As we get older, our body tends to change, and not always for the best. An ache here and there, we get tired faster, and not all body parts are listening to us. But you know what? This doesn’t mean we should stop with the things we love, especially when it comes to having sex. You are still very vital after you cross a certain age threshold, and not only
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Sex: The 7 Must-Know Rules of Swinging

When you think of swinging, the first thing that comes to your mind is a bunch of old people wearing robes at an adults-only resort, drinking and messing around. Though we’ve been led to believe that, in reality, it’s not true. Real swingers not only come in all different shapes, sizes, and age groups, but their get-togethers are highly organized events with a specific list of rules. Since swinging involves