Trucks are some of the most versatile vehicles. Their functionality ranges from pulling campers and hauling quads to transporting lumber or groceries. Your truck’s biggest perk is the multifaceted truck bed, as it can safely carry many different items.

With the right accessories, you can keep everything in your truck bed organized and in place. Here are seven helpful storage ideas to get the most out of your bed:

  1. Cases — Crates made for truck beds fit perfectly underneath tonneau coversand allow you to store anything from jumper cables to your shopping bags. Most cases have rubber seals to keep out dirt and moisture.
  2. Cargo bars — Meant to keep your items lodged into place, cargo bars extend across the truck bed and are held in place with a rubber pad. These bars secure totes or other large items, ensuring they don’t slide around.
  3. Cargo bags — Mount cargo bags anywhere in your truck bed to organize camping gear, tools or outdoor equipment so you’ll know exactly where to find them when you need them.
  4. Bed extender — Don’t run out of room in your truck bed. An extender can add the length of your tailgate to your overall storage space to haul longer items or more cargo overall. It can also be flipped around to secure items inside of the bed.
  5. Ramps — Ramps are a great addition if you have to load and store a motorcycle or four-wheeler. Without this accessory, you’d have a difficult time lifting anything heavy into the bed. The ramps usually fold up, so you can easily store them beside whatever you’re hauling.
  6. Rachet straps — If you need to hold anything in place, such as a bike or tote, rachet straps work well. Big, bulky items may require more heavy-duty straps.
  7. Toolbox — Store your tools in a toolbox that will keep them organized and protect them from the weather. Most toolboxes have a locking system that is sure to keep your expensive equipment safe from theft.

Consider a Tonneau Cover

To keep your truck bed cargo safe from the elements, try a tonneau cover. Not only can a cover help keep your items safe from uncertain weather conditions, but it can also deter the interest of potential thieves. Keeping your items out of sight is an effective way to stop theft.

Additionally, your gas mileage should improve. A covered bed may increase your gas mileage anywhere from 5% to 10%.

A tonneau cover can give your truck that aesthetic appeal you’ve been looking for. Give your vehicle a brand new look with a cover and a new set of nerf bars for trucks.

Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Benefits

If you plan on transporting items too large to fit under a cover, consider getting a roll-up tonneau cover. The entire surface rolls up against the back window, giving you full access to the bed without blocking your rear window visibility.

Most covers are lightweight and easy to install. Choose from different materials, including vinyl, canvas or leather.

Whether you’re looking for a tonneau cover or car brakes for sale, visit a trusted and reliable auto retailer to find the top products at the best prices.



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